Content 2 Error when opening my game


When I open my game it says content 2 error and takes me to this website

Please help me, I reinstalled the app and restarted my phone - I left BETA 14.0 after I got this error I am trying to get into 17.0 LINE ID junithkumar28


You basically need to reinstall the latest Beta version, or wait until the public update is pushed

Edit - not sure why any of us would want to help Kalishane either…


How to get out of beta


You want the opposite. You need to get back into beta so you can download the app version 17 that matches your player version 17. Kalishane quit 4 months ago.


what if you wanna get out because my activity is dropping due to working and no betting able to play on my phone becasue its apple


You need to wait until both beta and the live game are on the same version, then leave beta before they have another update. The timing can be tricky.


and don’t forget that google+ is being closed so not sure how that will effect joining and leaving beta


It doesn’t close until August of next year. Nothing to worry about right now.


yea, but they’ll have to come up with a system and migrate it before that time. you can’t wait till the last minute


Yes, Scopely should already be discussing what the plan is going to be, but players can absolutely wait until the last minute to worry about it.


Or players could be smart and leave bet to the scopes to do themselves… Instead of all the problems we have in live game.


if i were to rejoin the google plus and redo the update would i be able to get it back @LadyGeek


If you’re asking ‘what if I leave beta and uninstall/reinstall the game (reverting back to version 14)’? NO. don’t do it. Your player file is at version 17 already and there’s no way to go back to version 14 and you’ll be unable to get into the game at all.


anyway to rejoin beta 17.0 to get my account back thats already version 17


Oh, yeah if you manage to get back into the Google+ community then you’ll be able to download version 17. If someone else already in beta (a factionmate) temporarily gives you their Google Play credentials so you can login as them and download the game, that will work. Or you can get someone to rip an APK of version 17, lower the security settings of your phone to allow installation of apps from apk, pray that the person you got the apk from didn’t alter it in any nefarious way, and use that. Using someone else’s account or installing from APK only helps until they release an update, then you have to do it again with the new update.


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