Content 2 error. Help!

Can anyone help me fix this error??
@JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

Username: Will
Faction: Las Serpientes
Region: Hamblen

same…top 2 + ticket used… impossible to attack

Thx scop

@Will25 @xhion

We’re currently aware of an issue where some players are receiving a Content 2 Error when attempting to play Arena. This issue should now be fixed, but the fix may take some time to be seen in-game. Please allow your game 20 minutes uninterrupted on the town screen to download the necessary data for the fix.


biensur que c’est fixed bande de naze… mais rendez moi mes token perdu alors car ça pour prendre scopely n’a pas de bug.

Filer moi aussi mes plume orange avec votre foutu johngate de mes deux…bon sang, arrêter d’utiliser des stagiaires pt1

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