"Content 2" error.. damn



Thanks for the update and for the spoiled war.
Ofc beta-update was released at the same time as the war began.
I feel compensation will be war cans. ._.


I’m getting a content 2 error also, game won’t load after uodate


After the last update i am getting error content 2 me too… wtf???


Unfortunately, it appears to be widespread among beta players right now. I haven’t heard of any fix available.


Definitely not a way to wake up. It’s frustrating lol


Let’s hope this get fix asap…


Expressing not being pleased and hoping it’s fixed quickly is a natural reaction. I’ve betad a long time… Experienced many bugs and I still participate because I enjoy testing features…
I can still go ‘oh man this sucks’ when a major bug affects my gameplay though and you have no right to say otherwise or that people expressing themselves shouldn’t beta. I have an alt device I’m warring with. Please keep your criticism of beta’s being unhappy to yourself though because even though we know the risks… Bugs suck. Be glad we can catch the bad ones for you most of the time.


As a Beta Tester we need to report the Bugs and that we found the bug we report it to Scopley by making this Thread. It’s not complaining, it’s the message that we hope Scopley can fix this Bugs asap because the timing on getting this bug is pretty bad since we get CRW.
(Btw i’m not trying to make a beef on anyone this is just my pure Opinion)


Beta is for testing. Yes we will encounter bugs. Yes it may effect our playing. But what we want in return is a quick fix aswell for major bugs like this “content 2” per say.
All in all I just want to war and onslaught right now


That’s right!


Very true predator.


Who cares how someone complains about a bug? Ffs be appreciative that the betas DO test, and DO find these bugs and DO complain. This may stop or offer a faster solution to an error in which your gameplay is haulted. They are doing you a favor.


Why is beta linked to our main accounts anyway? Seems most developers offer a second app for beta testing.


Right …


Does anyone have an apk of the previous build we could side load to keep playing?


Won’t work, the account is already updated. Unless you wanna start fresh. You will get the “the account is a different version, please update and try again” message.


I just went and disabled auto updates for the game in the app store… At least next time the game won’t update on its own in the middle of a war weekend.


I was force updated in game


Quite a few developers actually playtest their own games fairly extensively, I think it is fair to say Scopely don’t. It’s essentially a Casino app with Zombies to them…


Yeah what is going on? Been 2 hours almost and I can’t war. And this is bc I’m in beta?