Content 2 Error [12/02]

Hello everyone,

We are aware of some players impacted by a Content 2 Error when trying to access their game. The team is currently investigating the case.

In the meantime and to help with fixing this issue would it be possible for all players who received this error to pm me their account code?

Thanks in advance!


You should pin this thread.

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You guys shouldn’t be posting your account codes here he ment pm them to him that means private message so only he can see it

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Já são 4 dias sem minha conta, como uma empresa por ter tanto descaso com seus jogadores, scopely sem dúvidas, tem o pior suporte da categoria, estou quase abandonando já e perdendo meus 4 anos de progresso nesse jogo.

Thank you for letting us know.

I will share this report with our team and we are going to investigate this certain feature in your account. Currently, we do not have an exact time for the resolution but rest assured that our team will do the best they can.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this matter.

Seems like they really have a handle on it

É ridículo, né, n vou conseguir deixar meu James t4* por falta das barras de ouro

@GR.Scopely, estamos aguardando retorno da empresa

@GR.Scopely, continuo aguardando

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Content Error. Crappy rewards, to many gates to list, poor quality control, not fixings bugs that have been around for years, ridiculous OP toons, widening the gap from ftp to ptp.

So you know, our team is currently investigating the issue in order to propose a fix to all impacted players as soon as possible. Thank you all for your patience.


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Scopely needs to pay attention and solve this problem soon. I lost my account 3 years ago due to the same, it’s a silly problem of data confusion and they can’t solve it, it’s a lot of work and progress being lost.

Compensation for all those affected? Oh wait it’s scopely

Esse tipo de erro deve ser resolvido o quanto antes… Vários players e facções estão sendo prejudicados por conta disso!! É injusto o tipo de tratamento e o retorno que temos após tanto tempo de jogo… Nesse último mês a quantidade dê bugs e erros foram enormes… Espero que isso possa ser minimizado e resolvido

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Resolver rapidamente? 4 dias não é rápido nem mesmo para uma tartaruga, só não sei se é incompetência ou descaso

so how do we pm you, new to the forums…

@CYTY - I have sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Lol how do you pm?? Need to send my account code over

I have sent you a pm :slight_smile:

Can you send me a pm