Content 2 bug beta :(


Can someone tell me how to solve this and I have been losing many hours of the war


You and several others. Me included.


Me too have the same problem


Me too when i try to get out from beta region it keep spamming this error content 2


Me to that’s suck


Me too! Except I didn’t even switch to beta from Lanier. I’ve been in Lanier all day. My game updated and now this shit.

It’s not enough that CRW was lagging, freezing, and crashing since go? Now, I have to be completely locked out too??? I am one of the more active players in my faction and I’m also a leader in that faction. Additionally I’m one of our people who war during the night shift. We are a competitive faction. My absence will make a dent.

As if all this weren’t enough, I’m also getting random popups on my screen telling me “Walking Dead has stopped” when I don’t even have the damned app running.

So, wtf! Fix this shit, Scopely. Fix territories. Get your league shit together. Fix everything else that’s broken. Update the world map already! Stop adding new shit that just breaks the game more.

How long do I have to wait before I can get back in??? Will I miss the whole war???


I juat gonna wait from @Shawn.Scopely to fix this problem cuz i have war to fight and 'm locked out from the game with no reason whatsoever


I feel your suffering man…


their incompetence has no limits as of late. I can`t remember an update without huge problems since i started playing


Keep this post at the top this NEEDS TO BE FIXED! I can’t war ;( we deserve some compensation lol


Sadly we won’t get any


Same problem here, pretty bad timing.


Why do they always release beta’s and updates right before or during war? They know it always screws up. Smh.

Release updates and betas on a Monday when it’s the solo level up.


Im missing war with my faction too:(


Same for me, dont you think it is time to quit this fucking game??





Keep this Thread relevant so Scopley can see this


Yeah, I really do not know what happened, they did not say about the problem :frowning:


Got the same thing forced update in middle of attacking now I’m locked out.


This is ridiculous! Cant help my faction because of this update. Fix ASAP