Content 2 and other bugs

You know whats fascinating about forums and the “admins”. If you are going to ask how to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich here you are going to get a reply with a signature at the end …"Helloo ABC…yes you can prepare peanut butter sandwiches blah blah blah…

XY" (sarcasm intended)

But when you are trying to bring attentions to some bugs and other important issues (well after all this game is all about issues at this point so…)
that really needs attention, they dont bat an eye cos ofc…Sandwiches >>>>game issues (sarcasm)

Cutting to the chase. Few days ago i wrote a post about a bug that i have been facing for almost a year now (others maybe facing too but nothing i know about). So the bug is that my game crashes the moment I start raiding. Whenever the battle screen pops up it freezes in between and crashes , making me lose the battle , reputation , food and wood. So instead of messaging it and asking around in line i decided to write a post about it because i knew there were times when forums worked wonders…ahh the good old days.

But guess what. That post went unnoticed. Well not surprised cos i also knew most of the time posts does nothing.

Reported it to our long gone master of half bakedness (idk if i got it right). He responded but no action was taken. Not surprised again.
Days passed and the bug got worse and worse. Started kicking me off the game every 2 out of 5 battles. Affected my performance in raid tourneys cos thats when the bug is THE MOST active.

But since no actions were taken , as always i decided to roll with it. But that’s one thing i shouldn’t have done.

4 days ago the bug took a bad turn. My game started crashing every 5-6 seconds followed by Mesh 100003 when ut didnt crash . Pretty common and i knew how to handle it. Closed my game and restarted again. The stupid mesh was still there. Great…now i cant even play the game. In between the game pretended to behave normally. I thought it would be safe to do some pulls on a toon we ftp often drool to. Doc. steve. But my game tricked me and it crashed twice while i tried to pull. Costing me my precious 500 coins and not even a single toon. (yes not even a single 4*).

So i tried the most common solution to most of the random temporary bug. I cleared cache and tried again. My screen …black. The game wont even start now. I reinstalled it and that’s where it came to a dead end.

Content 2 error.

So i messaged directly about the issue. But its left unnoticed. Been 3 days since ive played., 2 days since i last logged in. Missed out on events and roadmaps and wasted my coins.

So i hope this post atleast gets some attention and do something about the issue. Thanks to those who tried to help me.

A struggling ftp.

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Could the memory on your device be running low?

no…have enough to run this game atleast

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