Contacting support


How do I contact support. And why is it so hard to find a working link or email?


@Jabez86 if you go to options settings, in game and press support you will be brought to a list of topics, one of them will allow you to send a message to scopely direct


options>support> top right corner speech bubble> start a new conversation>good luck!


Because he’ll damn well need it to even make sense of the response, let alone get a satisfactory answer :rofl:


Yep, I have been arguing with them for 3 days about missing carnival of the dead tokens, and they keep telling me they won’t do anything. I have a 600 day log in streak. I checked for the infernal tokens they were not there. Morons.


Keep in mind they don’t even bother to read the first one or two messages you write. They parse them for keywords and send you the automated response that seems to be closest to your problem.