Contact support button broken?


Since I updated to version 9 of the game, I have discovered I am unable to email support. Anyone else got this problem? Or did they block me from contacting them because they got sick of me complaining about lost war cans and territory energy everytime the game freaks out and restarts itself?

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Click the arrow down on my quote to get my old post shown. Maybe try going into a topic and clicking “No” “This didn’t help me”

I just checked mine and it’s still in the upper right where it should be. I feel like I have heard of it disappearing for some people tho. Maybe u did get blocked.

In that case try the email.

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Try change your phones language to US-English if you dont allready have. Known bug, but they dont seem to care to fix it:)

If that doesnt work, you gotta email em:/

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Don’t hold your breath. My contact support button crashes the game. I’ve been trying to get someone to fix this for months. Better off emailing them.

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My support button just goes dark after clicking and has no function anymore since the update, I even have a message waiting to be read from support.

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I had the same problem until I rated every conversation I had in the past, took some time to 1* them all but was fixed after that, hope this helps.

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