Constructive suggestion for war


The intention of your new matchmaking implementation was to give all factions a balanced overall experience.

In the past 3 wars, the players experienced

  1. a UNBALANCED amount of time waiting vs actual warring.

  2. a UNBALANCED number of wars for all active warring factions; in theory all warring factions should have a +/-2 number of wars, not +/-10.

  3. a UNBALANCED experience in war, some factions just lay there like a prostitute when facing top factions and end up with 50W 20L, whole top factions end up with like 55W 0L. They practically just lie there, score some hits and move on. In what world and what server is that result BALANCED?

With the implementation of the retreat button function, there is no more faction holding back other factions; higher ranked factions cannot stall and hold back war with lower ranked factions.

I boldly suggest where no scopely employee has done before: GIVE US BACK THE OLD “FREE FOR ALL” FORMAT.

It will truly give a BALANCED war,

  1. in terms of waiting time vs warring time
  2. similar number of war matches
  3. a rounded warring experience for ALL factions to face factions of different strength.

Especially since if you cannot matchmake properly, then revert to the past version of matchmaking.

Remember, you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

But right now, you are pissing off everyone for the past 3 wars.


No slight against you, but it feels like we as a community have been making posts like this for at least a year. No one listens and that’s the #1 problem.


@kalishane let’s see if she’s listening then


Even if she hears us, the decision to improve is not up to her. That’s why, I’d argue, she has the toughest position at scopely hq. All she can do is (no joke intended) take it to the team. The team is worried about profit goals. Albert & the boys couldn’t care less about community voice that shame reports. Sadly, only $ speaks in these situations and several dunces will continue to fund this broken product.


I wish Kalishane has more real power to influence how game goes. If it is up to me, she should be able to fire anyone that is not remotely qualified to deliver a pleasant gaming experience.


There is definitely a disconnect. I respect her and what she is trying to do but I fear the higher-ups see her as a pacifier for the community. Its a shame. I truly believe that if it was up to her and a few others, the game could be worthwhile again. In its current state, its a bad joke at best.


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