As a supporter of #PlayersUnited and a 20+ years professional in global companies within customer services as global CS Manager, I feel that I must speak up on current events.

This is purely objective and an analysis of what should and needs to be done with my own subjective opinion at the end.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is directed to an official employee of Scopely and as such should be responded by a direct official employee of Scopely. Please respect your customers and respond with transparency directly to us as per your promises. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely

Please note, this post is not an attack on the Player Council, but rather highlighting what Scopely, a company with life time earnings of $1 billion ( SHOULD be doing for its customers and it’s continued failure to address it’s customers with the respect they deserve.


This should have been created INSTEAD of the players council. Any company that is serious about delivering excellence in customer service and who actually wants to LISTEN to their customers would immediately set about hiring additional staff who’s role should include

  • Suggesting and creating new topics on forums and other platforms to gain customer feedback, to highlight any customer issues to present to the Scopely team and to increase engagement between the consumer and company.

  • Live Q&A chats, where these members of staff are available at set times to answer questions live, or to make available a function or platform where customers can ask questions then and have them answered. This should be visible to all customers to ensure no repetition and as a resource for customers to go to.

  • Staff who actively research and collect feedback from various platforms and social media’s, looking at reviews of the company and be given a systems where they can report back to the Company their findings for further action or to engage with customers to show that they have proactively highlighted an issue and now want customers suggestions or further information as to resolve the issue.

  • Staff that are trained to converse with customers professionally and respectfully and trained to collect. Analyse and present information from across all platforms so all customers are represented.

  • Staff who because they are employed are ACCOUNTABLE, accountability is a big thing, especially with in the current climate where customers are still disillusioned with Scopely.

  • Staff who can analysis other businesses and how the gather, track, and present customer feedback and deal with customers feedback also.

Hiring new and specific staff for certain functions to improve relations between the customer and company, to professional gather and report information and to proactively do so.

This is what customers deserve and scopely needs.


Scopley in two ways should also hire consultants and outsource the following to review:

• Issues with Customer Support - The actual customer support function that so many customers are unhappy with. This includes
- reviewing the current platform used to communicate to customer as it doesn’t seem efficient.
- Reviewing how customer support deal and correspond with customers
- customer charter and/or introducing one if one hasn’t already been established

  • Training customer support staff.
  • Providing customer support with the support needed for them to deliver excellent customer services

• Ongoing issues with the community in general

Scopely should outsource to a company who can consult and provide solutions regarding Scopleys issues that have been going on for years. The company can review standards and practices in different departments and provide recommendations on how the company can move forward more effectively, efficiently to adhere to the promises made to its customer base.


Specifically things like surveys and customer satisfaction.

Scopely already has multiple sources to gain customer feedback from:

Forum, Social Media, Customer Support, Surveys, In house data, Beta, just to name a few.

Scopely, especially in regards to surveys should providing incentives for customers to engage and provide feedback to customers.

Surveys if administrated correctly can be an amazing resource, but to ask customers to give feedback for free is no incentive. Customers should be give a reward for assisting the company via surveys.

Also, I’m not in beta, but how is customer feedback on new tested features provided? Are they given a survey so that the company is not just relying on raw data?

Surveys can be specific as well, Ones focusing on certain events or issues. The lenght of surveys helps as well, so having surveys specifically for one subject can shorter but provide a more intense set of feedback then one that is long and general.


This function is under utilised and really has poor visibility. The FAQ function is not a 1st point of call for customers if there is an issue and this probably is shown by the amount if hits the pages get.

Firstly the function needs to be more visible and also information should be reported using this function as a primary.

Customers shouldn’t have to check different line chats, forums, scrolling through threads to see a CMs response. Information should be centralised and updated on a product that all customers have access to which is in game (as not all customers uses discord or the forum etc). Information seems to be scattered, exclusive and even privileged at times which is a something a company should not be promoting.

The aesthetics of the platform needs to be revamped so it’s more user friendly as well.


There is alot on this subject however, holding multiple focus groups, that are not permanent, consantly changing to esure fresh opinions that actually represent all customers demographics instead of a Players Council is a much fairer and representative way of getting customers involved.

If you want to know A about your product then create a focus group for A. Then if you want to know about B about your product, then you create a separate focus group for B. The focus group only task is to give their opinion at that moment of time as a customer and NOT to collect information as a customer on behalf of customers to give to the Company.

This means that the company gets varied information andnot from the same group of people.


Again, this is not attacking anyone part of PC, however it is highlighting valid concerns and issues and goes to why Scopely should be employing the solutions above:

:black_small_square: Unrepresentative, Scopely have selected customers to represent customers yet the customers they are meant to be representing have no idea about their player background and if indeed they actually do represent them. Also do they represent different countries, ages, cultures, do they speak different languages etc?

:black_small_square:Unelected (they are meant to represent the customers opinions yet they are not selected by the customer but selected by Scopely).

:black_small_square: Untrained (some PC members are reaching out to customers when then themselves are customers, representing scopely to give feedback as a customer from customers? (I know, why can’t Scopely just as point 1 states, hire trained staff) these members are not trained by the company to converse with customers, to collect information and provide information.

:black_small_square:Not accountable, So we have customers who are not responsible for feeding back customers feedback, but there is no accountability as they are not employees of the company, that meaning they are held to no standards.

:black_small_square:No scope, Scopely haven’t provided any scope to customers of what the PC boundaries are, how to conduct themselves, what penalties or complaint procedure there is regarding Scopleys appointed customers who are to meant to represent customers

:black_small_square:Unethical, It is Unethical to ask customers to ask other customers to provide their opinions about a company to a customer, for that customer to then feed it back to the Company, and this is done with no transparency.

:black_small_square:Irresponsible, Not directed in any way to the PC, but to scopely. It’s Irresponsible to

:black_small_square:Disrespectful, How can customers truly have trust or hope in Scopely, when instead of of actually hiring more staff, outsourcing etc, it obtains customers to collect feedback for them? I don’t see how that is respecting customers actually no taking them seriously.

:black_small_square:Imbalanced and excluding, Customers may and as we have seen in posts will take issue with Scopely selected customers being selected to be privy to information and hence being directly or indirectly treated differently to other customers.

:black_small_square:Tenure, Scopely has not advised how long the tenure is to be of the current Scopely selected customers of the players council.

:black_small_square:Trust, As now there is a separate function where customers selected by Scopely to be on the Players Council can converse privately with Scopely employees in a discord group, it gives an uneasy feeling. Why? Because now customers and employees could secretly be disrespectful about other customers. We do not know and because of the NDA will not know what is being discussed and how it is being discussed along with what is being disclosed. In addition giving some Scopelys employees address to some customers which could be construed as unprofessional, it doesn’t leave customers with much hope that customers will be referred to in a respectful way.

:black_small_square:Collection of data and quality, This is also related to bias as customer selected by Scopely for the PC may prefer to report some information rather than others, also due to lack of training etc, the quality of the data collected may be falable also

:black_small_square:Bias, Naturally some customers who have been selected to join Scopely’s Players Council are going to have bias, this has already been mentioned in one of the members post. Is that really fair to customers who are meant to be represented by them? Isn’t it unfair for a company to expect customers to perform such an important duty with no training no accountability and who unconsciously may have no neutrality to perform such a task?

:black_small_square:Feeling of stalling, Scopely for years have known through customers already interacting directly with Scopely what needs to be addressed. We had that identified via Albert’s letter a couple years ago now. Why does it feel like this is something new to Scopely again?

:black_small_square:Momentum, What happens in the event where customers selected by Scopley onto the players council are on holiday, or lose interest or feel the task after a while is too much? What happens then?

:black_small_square:Scopley players council trolling. This has already taken affect in some form or another. No customer should have to take trolling etc because they have been selected by Scopely to be part of a Council who’s function really should be done by an employee. What if, due to such trolling etc it mentally effects these customers? What duty of care does Scopely have, what insurance is in place? Did anyone in the legal team actually look into this?

:black_small_square:Why can’t Scopely just do their job? Yes, it’s a valid issues that has arisen from the creation of players council. Why does Scopely need customers to get customers feedback to then feedback to Scopely? Surely that is the role and a proactive one at that of the paid, trained and accountable employees of Scopely?

  1. FORUM TAB FOR #PlayersUnited

I’ve noticed that the players council has a tab on the forum as a selection, however Scopely should recognise the independence of PU and also include a tab for customers to use as #PlayersUnited. This is especially so as these new promises wouldn’t have come about if members of #PlayersUnited did not independent of Scopley, come together as one voice. We should be given the option to address Scopely on the forum independently as #PlayersUnited is and has no affiliation with Scopelys Players Council.


Below are some helpful sites for starters which gives examples of how professional companies extract customer feedback and successes from well established Companies. Please take a look at these sites.

I would have done a more extensive analysis, however, I’m not getting paid, this is not my job and customers shouldn’t be expected to keep highlighting the same issues that have been highlighted for years. This is why the company needs to hire professionals so we customers can go back to enjoying your product & if we do have issues, report them and have professionals resolve them. Please take heed.

Thank you for taking the time to read (I hope @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely and other direct and official employees of Scopely)


Hire this guy, whoever he is! Get him on payroll, STAT Scope!!


She lol, but thank you!! Most of it is experience, common sense but most of all caring about customers


All can be summarized into this
-Why are you afraid of your customers scopely?


Oops sorry, I didn’t mean to assume your gender, but even better! This company & specifically this game needs more smart women working on it!


Before that’s misconstrued by folks, I mean more women on the actual Scope RTS payroll…there are lots of smart female players, as @Time4Change proves!


Dont dig the hole deeper

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Lol, no worries just hope points r heard and actions reassessed

Thank you @Time4Change for taking the time to put this together.
There are many good points and is just one example of players feeling passionate about the issues.
It is important to the players. And it should be important to Scopely.


This is amazing @Time4Change :blush:




We don’t need more “women” on rts payroll; we just need more ‘efficient’ employees :blush:


Absolutely great post


Sure, efficiency has to always be the first priority.
But there’s a lack of female voices in the gaming industry, so I’m not sure why diversifying would ever be a bad thing…


Now, back to how incredible this post is! Amazing job, @Time4Change and TOTALLY needed right now!


Fantastic post with great points. Especially your sub points BIAS and TRUST. No need to discuss about the individual members of PC again but yesterday has clearly shown that they need training considering how poorly some communicated in the forum.

The problem with training is that it takes time. And if there‘s one thing mobile games don‘t have… it‘s time.


Why Scopely doesn’t care.

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They need a class action suit brought against them.


Fantastic post!! Nothing but applause from me.

And I agree with your summary - why is Scopely afraid of its customers?


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