I think and I’m sure many other fellow customers are appalled by Scopelys recent announcement, made conveniently just after close of day about region transfers.

Here is a nonexhaustive list of issues and concerns that has arisen from this announcement, which I implore Official employees of Scopely to take heed.

1) SCOPELY’S MOVE. Scopely made customers move to specific regions to take part in their tourney. Now those customers can’t return back to their regions through no fault of their own. Customers were sold that region transfers would allow customers to move freely between regions of THEIR CHOSING. Now Scopely has change the terms of this. Surely allowing customer to return back to their prior state before then after consultation introducing a new region transfer process would be the most effective, efficient, Customer friendly and respectful way to handle this situation?

2) FACTION RECRUITMENT. Factions have been recruiting for months, now because of this new announcement all of that has gone to waste. Recruitment can be hard at best of times, however since the last region transfer, customers have been conversing with one another, making alliances and friends, plans. Some in order to re-populate factions and regions. This now has all been for nought and leaves YOUR customer base dissapointing and unhappy.

In addition to this factions now don’t have any time to try and recruit under the new transfer process

3) COMMUNICATION/CONSULTATION. No consultation or communication between customers and Scopely. Where is the consultation between customers? Who asked for it to be done this way? How can Scopely promise better communication, when such a important and fundamental process as region transfer is and any change to it after Scopelys promises of better communication was not even discussed?

This is segregation, and discrimination a simple thread or poll or in game survey asking how we resolve the issue brought about but Scopleys errors in the handling of transfers created this, maybe it’s time for Scopely to put its hands up and actually ask for customers input to find a better solution.

4) DICTORIAL Customers are being told where they can and can not go in a game. A game. A game some customers have spent either time or money, years or all of the above, because of an issue caused by Scopely in the first place. We all understand that a game needs guidelines but this is purely dictatorial and with Scopely making promises of better communication etc, this action flies away in the face of that statement. Because if you had better communication then this would not have occurred.

5) LACK OF NOTICE. This should have been communicated when TOC region transfer first came out. There should have been a clear disclaimer that advised customers that if the move at this juncture of region transfers, then due to Scopely introducing a new multi region closed groups that they may be locked into this in the foreseeable future. This was not communicated.

Now regions, factions and individuals only have a matter of days or have no choice at all to move as the once did freely and rightly so.

Customers were relying on this transfer wave to go back to their old regions, now they have no freedom to do so.

6) IMPACT ON SCOPELY’S PC - Due to lack of communication and transparency, customers have no way of knowing if the PC new of this, and as their function is to

“update and discuss our promises outlined, and to strengthen communication lines between players and the development team.”

Customers are going to make their own assumptions on this.

Due to this announcement, it puts the PC actually validity in jeopardy, with many customers finding them ineffective and already there have been comments made to this effect.

Exposed PC members to possible aggressions and as they are not employees of Scopely, they have no protection or recourse.

In addition they are unable to even speak the truth due to the NDA they had to sign be become part of a Scopely selected council, which was not even discussed with the customer base prior as to be a solution to better communication.

Surely Scopely has a warranted duty of care to these customers whom they have elevated. The creation and function of the PC by Scopely is Unethical in the first place as it exposes these customers to aggression for performing functions that hired and trained professional staff should be doing. There wasn’t even a mention of the PC or any disclaimer of their involvement if any and their opinions to go to protecting them.

Scopely, on this one you have made your creation high and dry.

7) DUTY OF CARE TOWARDS CUSTOMERS There has been no duty of care of how this change will effects your customers. Customers have formed bonds with individual customers who play the game, with a faction or region and in the previous transfer may have moved for TOC or for other reasons as they were free to in the past. Scopely with not consultation has changed this.

Now customers are stuck through no fault of their own, and as being part of a team, the friendships formed from that, leaves customers little choice but to either stay in a region where they can’t compete or don’t have the same structure they had in their old region I. e. factions friends etc, to want to compete. This leaves alot of customers in a position where they may end up just leaving the product.

8) TRANSPARENCY & TRUE INTENTIONS. I think Scopely owes to its customer base a honest reason as to why this has occurred and what purpose and gain Scopely is expecting to have. What issue does this solve for customers? What data does Scopely have to support this move?

I think the majority of us know the real reason why Scopely has made this move, to segregate whales to increase competition amongst them in the hopes that it increases revenues, because lets face it, if your in wave one, if you don’t spend your not going to survive. To kill off other regions, to lessen the exposures of favorable incentives, decisions or communications to a wave instead of multiple regions, I.e. now Scopely can provide info or give incententives to one wave group as a whole without the other wave groups knowing, as the likelihood of this being exposed is decreased.

The lack of transparency, the lack of communication and notice, just shows really what Scopely thinks of its customer base and this is unfortunate, as through customer engagement and alot more revenue could be generated and increase customer retention and positive reviews, advertising through word of mouth etc

All this shows the continued lack of knowledge Scopely has of their product and the impact changes make to their customers.

Again Scopely’s Inital errors and mismangement with transfers in the first place means that the customers must suffer. Haven’t we suffered enough?

@ForumAdmin @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely. Please communicate these points and other customer feedback on this matter and make the correct changes. PLEASE.



Scopely should hire you lol, another great post


My ethics and standards probably would have to decline the offer. Personally never seen anything like this. I’m just speechless on the conduct


Shit we need you on PC


I understand the reasoning here, it makes sense for Scopely to slowly reduce the number of open regions when there are so many dead regions. It’s better than forcing merges that’s for sure. However the lack of notice is the worst part for me. I’ve been recruiting for my faction (wave 1 region) and have been in talks with others who turn out to be in wave 3. Now there is little time to look elsewhere.

What is the rationale behind not allowing wave 3 to move directly to wave 1 if they do wish?


They stated multiple times that they would not release the names of the players on the council. How is this not protecting them? I’m sure everyone who decided to reveal that they are on the council knew how this would end, and if they didn’t, they should probably resign because they know nothing about the community.

Also, the council is not there to communicate to or with the player base. That job falls to the hired and (I hope) trained community managers.

You’re not consistent here: you qant that the council should be able to talk freely about everything that happens there, and also that they should not talk about what happens there at all. Surely it has to be one or the other.

Yes, they explicitly say so:

Separating highly competitive/spending people from the others is realistically the only way they can bridge the gap - it’s still there, but people will notice less because the tiers play more among themselves. What did you expect?


In the 20+ years you have in global customer service management how many times have you provided a letter like this to the owners of the company you work for?

I totally understand but they are trying to reduce the amount of servers. if people don’t see that They don’t understand the price of server rental it’s not the company’s fault. In your constructive analysis and request for transparency ask what they pay . Is it cost-effective do you have to run a game with hundreds of regions or should we try to reduce them?

No one in this game was forced to move for tournament of champions. In fact people didn’t want to go to those regions so they could still be competitive without having to face the big spenders. There are a lot more factors in this mood than we realize as customers as a customer service manager you represent the company by helping the customers while upholding the standards set forth by the Company.

If I told my managers in my company to do something that benefits my business and they flat out told me everything that was wrong with the way I chose to run my own business I would fire them on the spot. That being said I have awesome managers that run my Units and I take care of them and my customers by doing what I need to do first and then taking The constructive analysis to Heart.

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Hey @DrJank

With regards to Scopely’s PC, they haven’t protected them. They haven’t outlined their role a all to customers so alot of customers are making assumptions. In addition they should have stipulated to the PC not to disclose their identities however, if they didn’t then how are they to gather feedback. All of this could have been negated by actually hiring more trained staff to ask for feedback, to proactively make new threads and engagements between customers and the company.

As it is they decision to include the PC in the token announcement, but excluded them from the transfer announcement. They should for the PCs protection advise that the PC didn’t have involvement in this decision for clarification for all. You can’t have it both ways.

With regards to your 2nd point… they haven’t openly admitted this at all. They say to protect the weaker regions, but not explicitly stated to increase competition in stronger regions as whales will now more often have to beat whales, and thus increasing their revenue. For a company that openly advises that they want to increase communication, they are selective in what they wish to communicate. If they really wanted to protect weaker regions then surely they would converse and ask those regions and customers what solutions would help instead of thrusting this on all customers.

At least let the customer have a chance to have a say.

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Hey @sinned, it depends how you deliver that information, and I have in the past advised my employers with great wins for the customer and introduced new policies and procedures which benefitted the customers and the company on alot of different levels. Also my proactiveness, actually created more profit for companies purely based on thinking of the customer first listening to feedback, and communicating between the two in a professional and concise way

To both @DrJank and @sinned

Besides all the other issues I’ve analysised. It’s down to simple communication and respect for the customer.

The customers are the ones that give you revenue, the customers are the ones that for some businesses are the greatest advertises and for a business like this are the ones that can hold retention of other customers.

A simple, we know that their are current issues with transfers (which was created by Scopelys initial mismangement) however, a solution need to be sought, so we are opening up the floor for feedback regarding how we can a) b) and c, so that customers can have a say and some input when we consider our decision moving forward.

This will be done via forum posts, surveys, polls etc.

We estimate a eta on this discussion once all data from customers and the business has been collected by x date however please have future notice that due to the weight of this decision additonal time may be required

As always be apperciate your continued passion for RTS, being supportive and loyal customers and we look forward to having constructive conversations and input from out valued player Base.


I understand I’m not taking anything away from your managerial skills. It also depends on what your business is or what product you represent. In my personal business we own properties that are under our own nomenclature and I own one franchise property. We take or comment cards and emails on both sides to heart. I have like most business owners to think on the different level than the people who work for me or the people who utilize my product.

Let me just give you a four instance. One of our businesses is a donut shop. In that shop we take suggestions for crazy donut recipes as a contest for customers. All of our customers could go in and say as a joke but still fill up our box that they want a mustard flavored donut. Should I put that on my menu because it’s the one that one for that quarter? That would be silly for me to waste resources on a product that doesn’t sell. And if you as the manager or the capacity you are in now a customer service manager where to tell me we have to do it I will override you. At the same time if you came up and told me the customers voted on let’s say a caramel covered cinnamon roll I along with many other customers would find that a magical delicious treat And would implement that. The customers don’t need to know 100% why I choose to do what I do in my business. There does not need to be 100% transparency.

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Or you could say, it was a great idea but after reviewing all customer feedback, it wasn’t a viable option to proceed with. But keep the ideas coming because we do listen and maybe get other involved (word of mouth advertising) as maybe with more participation we could even make this into a big event! Here is a discount on your next donut (optional) and thank you again

Yes, that would make no sense, so the only logical conclusion is that their purpose is not to gather feedback from the player community, or really to communicate with the player base at all. They did not outright forbid it though, which would have probably been the better strategy.

Scopely gather feedback through the regular questionnaire, through informal means, and probably to some extent through the forums (although, as a massively toxic place, their usefulness is probably limited). As I understand it at the moment, the council is there to provide some information on the player perspective directly to the people actually making the decisions, and provide to provide advice in some circumstances. They were probably chosen based on their own characteristics as a player, not as delegates for the player base as a whole. Essentially a focus group that has direct contact with the game team.

Probably. It might be better to not mention them at all I guess.

One entails the other. It’s not possible that weak players play less against whales, whales play less against whales, and both weak players and whales play the same amount as before. At least I don’t see how.

Players generally tend to be not that great at designing systems. Not because they aren’t smart, and not because they can’t have great ideas, but it’s usually best to leave it to trained, hired professionals who have experience and data. This affects games in particular, because they tend to have so many moving parts, and changing one part of the system can have wide-ranging consequences that are hard to predict.

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Ironically it was an absolutely disgusting idea for a donut that made me write that. It did not win that month but as we are really close to the largest high school in the city I live in it could have easily. And that’s when I step in and says hold up we need to also think about our bottom line. See that everybody in this game thinks that everything done by the company is a direct response to screw them over somehow. In fact I would venture to say the forums are an extremely small percentage of the voices in the game. I am in multiple regions and very rarely hear anything About they are screwing people over. For the most part the forms are a cesspool of people venting about stuff that doesn’t concern The other 90% of the community

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It’s a great post. Scopely wont listen, again. I feel quite bad for any player council member who came forward, they will be bombarded with messages and complaints. Scopely has proven themselves time & time again to be a dirtbag dealer yet again.

I see ur points and respect them, I think with the last point, some customers and just observing customer feedback, ive been able to translate their needs or been inspired to make it work for the business needs so the 2 marry together. But I also think just acknowledging them and allowing them to have a voice that is listened to respectfully and addressed whether something comes out if it or not, is and positive step and is like an olive branch to the customers. For some businesses this may not be needed because they already operate in a way were these issues would never come up due to forward planning, and thinking before hand how actions will affect customers. But we know Scopely is lacking in all areas. All customers know there is an on going issues with transfers that needs to be resolved, that’s nothing new, but going about it this way and this solution is not the way. It could have been if they allowed customers at least to go back to their old regions, they could say we r now going to have a tiered group of regions referred to as waves in the future where as an incentive, prizes will be better and exclusive for a period of 6 or 12 months and competition fierce, these regions will be xy and z, this is not thoroughly thought through btw, this will be announced at x date the 2nd tier will have xy and z and 3rd tier etc.

This is to give options to all level of players and for them to be rewarded based on that and to ensure a balance within regions.

Once implemented it will be under constant review and in any case of issues or if it doesn’t work, customers will be offered a solution by Scopely so that they are returned to their previous position prior to the change. Any feedback at this point is welcomed etc etc

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Well could run it for a month, the donut thingy if it’s profitable then continue with it, if not then withdraw it and simply advise customers it wasn’t in demand.

I think customers reactions is purely based on how Scopely treats it’s customers. You treat them like shit long enough then everything you do they are gonna expect to come from a place of shit or to hurt them… it hard to heal those wounds. I think customers are willing to forgive genuine mistakes, but not blatant disrespect.

I myself even when I’ve given bad news to a customer and yeah they are angry about it, but conducting urself in a professional manner, promptly etc, makes a big difference and kind of indicates to a customer ok so yes didn’t get what I want but all communications etc has been professional etc so they must know what they are doing so just gotta take it on the chin.

I think ppl mostly don’t really have time or just can’t be bothered to complain cos it’s pointless, it’s scopely and that’s a bad way for a company to be viewed. Alot of members in my region don’t complain cos they just think nothing will happen, there has been so many gates, Customer Support have been on so many occasions in affective. My self in fact for a long time kept quiet cos I just couldn’t be arsed and have RL and this is just meant to be a pick up and enjoy game, not a drama one. But that being said complaints are always amplified in customer services, no so much praise however. But for me after the last few weeks, I had to say something for my conscious and being a professional

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I do not disagree. Their approach is wrong a lot of the time. That being said if 90% of the Community are happy with the way something is handled and don’t say anything about it is the 10% that are unhappy that get heard. I want to go back to My original region and retire. But I can’t and I accept that.

And I also want to make one other point that was extremely prevalent in a post made yesterday. With the declaration that we would not have a war this weekend most of the people were happy about giving 1000 coins so they could get a pool. But then you get the usual suspects that complain . A few weeks back they gave us 1250 coins the same people complained. It’s the same people saying the same thing over and over. Is it customer service agent or as a business owner when do you realize that those people no matter What you give them or never going to be happy? It is what I’m speaking about in these forms and as a business owner that’s what perturbed me the most about social platforms. It’s a few people that think they need to speak up for everybody when not everybody needs to be spoken up for

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And let me just say I apologize if sometimes the words don’t make sense. Legally blind and mornings sometimes don’t do my eyes justice. Siri and I are trying to work out our differences LOL

Those 90% if it is that does not mean through their silence that they are happy with the game, so I don’t know if I could agree with that.

Yes your gonna get ppl who are just gonna constantly complain, it’s the nature of customer services and you just have to deal with it with as much patient and professionalism as you can.

But again, Scopely has f’ed up so many times, like it’s an ocean of f’ ups, with a handful of that of positive outcomes and the beating of the same old issues for years that for some reason never seems to get resolved, it wears on customers, it wears on me. I gave my opinion on the 1000k tokens, but the wheel itself is a separate issue lol firstly. But again, it should have been more immediate, and doesn’t take into account the other customer base who are mid to high who already pulled the best out of a bad bunch of that wheel and just wanted war to increase resources and out of enjoyment. Also I’m not going to congratulate a company for finally doing what they r suppose to do. Other platforms reward customers just cos they have maintainance! Yes it’s a positive move, but it’s 1 move and again they took 1 step forward but with this region thing and the SC museum changes, it’s multiple steps back