Hello @WalkerTexasRanger any feedback on this? I noticed a topic specifc survey on gear is out but again as per points non of them have been taken up bar the specifc topics.

Also can you at lead acknowledge your customers and communicate, creating and engaging a dialogue between the customer and Scopely please?

Bumping this thread too

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Thank u… I gotta say, they work on doing a purple glow ford S-Classes, but don’t bother to interact with their customers?

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How “Surprised” can we be that he’s ignored multiple ppl posting thing’s to him & he hasn’t responded?
This is completely ridiculous we get no response. Yes I know that there is a global pandemic happening, but that doesn’t keep them from answering questions.

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Yeah there is a global pandemic, but we got time to make S classes purple rather then listen to constructive advise from customer who we are meant to be practicing better communication with

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