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Firstly I’d like to say that the surveys are a positive step in the right direction… however the logistics of them and how they are prescribed could make for a more effective and efficient way of gathering data from them.

I have, in past posts provided some feedback on Surveys New Scopely In Game Survey On Arenas. Pls fill out + Constructive feedback and in CONSTRUCTIVE ANALYSIS OF WHAT CUSTOMERS NEED + PC ISSUES however I feel like I need to echo this again in light of the new survey.

DISCLAMER - This is a long analysis, so if you are paying attention thank you for doing so. This is more aimed at Scopely then customers to read. Please use this post if you are a customers to provide additional constructive feedback.

INCENTIVISED SURVEYS - Surveys need to be incentivised, this would encourage more customers to fill out surveys and shows respect for the time it takes for customer to fill out the survey i.e. it took me over 30 mins. If your worried about some customers abusing this then measure can be put in place upon reviewing data so incentives have to be qualified first and given after data is reviewed.

You can even scale up incentives depending on lenght, or if someone in the open ended questions provided great feedback and it also provides a great pool for finding customers who would be good to take part in focus groups.

ADVISE LENGHT OF SURVEYS AT BEGINNING - The projective lenght of the survey is not advised at the beginning of the survey, so no one had an idea of how much of their time it will take. The industry standard it to advise how long a survey will take and I can provide examples of allowed as I do surveys on a regular basics.

THE CUSTOMER HAS TO COMPLETE THEN AND THERE NATURE OF SURVEY - Customers are forced to full out a survey then and there, which may lead to alot of customers leaving some points and feedback out because a) they have to fill it out now b) Because lenght not advised they have to rush through as may have other things to do. If the purpose of the survey is to gain data to improve your product and services, then it’s not really effective.

• (SOLUTION) SHORTER, TOPIC SPECIFIC SURVEYS - Shorter, topic specifc surveys would appeal more to customers then one generalised survey. Some customers may overall be fine with the product you provide, but have a specific niggle e.g. events or armory etc that if they knew a survey was just about that subject, they would be more inclined to fill out, providing Scopely with better data for analysis.

In addition with this current generalise survey, I actually forgot some good points that could have been of use because of it generalised nature. If surveys were topic specifc and better geared towards that topic, that wouldn’t of been missed.

Also topic specific surveys allows Scopely to ask more detailed questions, they may be shorter in nature requiring less time equity from customers.

• (SOLUTION) CREATE IN SUPPORT SECTION A CENTRE HUB FOR THESE TOPIC SPECIFC SURVEYS - A great solution if marketed correctly would to utilise the support platform and making it the hub for surveys. Within the support platform could be a survey section which allows customers to select surveys they wish to complete at any time, can indicate lenght, time frame customers have to complete, allows customers to return e.g. shows x % completed, so customers don’t have to fill out all in one go. Can also show what incentives are for successfully filling out each survey. You can run multiple topic specific surveys. May encourage customers to use the actual support function and see what other features it has to offer as well. This would be a win win for both customers and Scopely.

Also it means that customers can only fill out a survey once, which does not invalidate any data.

• (SOLUTION) SURVEYS CYCLES - Gaining data and feedback is a continuous practice. It identifies issues, if there are reoccurring issues or if a company is performing well. Also it helps to gain feedback on furture product ideas and engages customers to think of the product as theirs and that their opinions matter because the company is proactively asking this of customers.

Creating survey cycles, quarterly or less frequently to keep monitoring progress or if opinions or customers needs have changed, is essential. So for example you could run a survey about armory once, then after some changes then run a 2nd cycle so u can gauge if it has been successful or not. Also it allows customers to give some great feedback that could change how the company sees a feature of the product.

CURRENT SURVEYS POP UPS ALLOWS 1 PERSON TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK MULTIPLE TIMES (INVALIDATES DATA) - So from not seeing the survey pop up for days after hearing rumours about it, it now pops up multiple times. I could potentially fill this out multiple times which would invalidate the data and integrity of the survey.

I personally have worked in Market research sector for years and know that this should not happen and can provide evidence of how data should be collected. Giving the opportunity for customers to do this is not going to bring about a true representation and corrupts data.

ACCESSIBILITY OF DATA (ONLY VIA CHANCE OF POP UP? - And the very nature of the survey only being available via a chance pop up in game, is neither an effective or efficient way of collecting data and extracting data from the your customers. It means some customers miss out and again forces customers to fill out there and then.

NO DISCUSSION THREAD ON FORUM FOR FEEDBACK ON SURVEY? - It would be great for there to be a discussion thread on the actual survey it self so customers could provide feedback on it. In that way Scopely can also see what may need to be improved about it and just general feedback from a sample of users.

WHEN IS THE CUT OFF DATE FOR COMPLETION? - Not cut off date has been provided, in fact besides the pop up, no information has been shared. If my support hub solution was in place, it would be a feature that could be advertised and marketed. As it is now either customers get it and ignore it thinking it’s just a toon advertising pop up. Ignore it but hope for it to come again as they don’t have time or fill it out. But there is no time or deadline for when the survey can be filled out, so customers thinking they can just fill it out when it pops up again are not going to be able to.

SHARING SOME OF THE DATA WITH CUSTOMERS ONCE ANALYSED TO IMPROVE COMMUNICATION AND TRANSPARENCY - So once the data has been analysed what happens next? I understand that some data may not be shared with customers, that’s fine. But sharing some results and steps moving forward would be a positive step especially with customers current morale. It also shows that your working truly with customers, taking feedback on board and actually going to act upon it.

In addition if something is positive then that can be shared too and internally (if also the survey cycles is implemented) employees seeing the improvement over time is a great morale boost. For employees and customers to see that x has now gone to y is fantastic and positive.

WHAT IS THE AIM OF SURVEYS AND WHAT MAY HAPPEN AS A RESULT - Goes towards the previous point, but this would be a good idea so customers knows what the aim is for the company if you fill it and what may happen as a result. May also be an extra incentive to fill out also.

IN GAME ANNOUNCEMENT OF SURVEYS TO IMPROVE NO. OF CUSTOMERS WHO WILL FILL OUT. - Again and if either way if my analysis is taken on board or not, The fact that a survey is available for customers should be advised in game, on the blog, on the forum and discord. It gives a heads up for customers to look out for it and to engage. Remember, surveys are to engage the customer to provide feedback to better your product and services to initiate more revenue and profits. More feedback means a better chance for your company to act on the feedback given to generate more $$$

If Scopely are being serious in collecting data via surveys then I really do hope that they take my points on board and see some of the shortfalls of how the current data collection is ineffective, can invalidate data and really just provide a short term analyses and not an ongoing one.

I hope to see some changes and genuine discussion and feedback from Scopely on this, as I genuinely believe that this method of collecting data could really be more effective and efficient and provide another great platform for providing feedback and assessing your product for the furture. Which in turn betters communication, customer satisfaction and customer journey which may lead to greater revenue and profits for the business.


Tldr; you put more thought into these posts than Scopely as a company puts into this game


I couldn’t fill it in when it popped up as I was on my way to work on Friday morning so I closed it and now it won’t let me fill it in because I’ve « already completed it ». Wtf???

If I’ve completed it, don’t send it to me again.

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I know, and working in the market research industry in my youth and doing surveys now, you shouldn’t be allowed to do surveys again that you just completed.

Glad it’s not just me who gets disappointed at those 3 question, ‘What do you like, what do you dislike, age?’ ones. So much to say and so little time!

But yes all valid suggestions. Give us a link and thread on here, they only seem to like ambushing me as I’ve resigned myself to bed


Excatly… it’s a real missed opportunity, and being able to fill surveys when u have time is better for the customer and to produce qualative data


Nice post. Thank you!

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Agreed. Would get more impactful surveys if there is an incentive to complete.

@WalkerTexasRanger could you please at least acknowledge this feedback pls?

Wow all this free consultation…

I honestly think the surveys are just for show. I doubt they want or care whether anybody fills them out, as they obviously do not read the results

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I’m pretty sure they use these to fk us over, so I don’t participate :hugs:

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Hey I could even go in on the way the questions are constructed but that would make it longer

@WalkerTexasRanger good morning, any updates and feedback on this thread and the forum thread?

He only cares about Discord.

That’s really sad if that’s the case because there is alot of well thought out feedback here that could really make a positive change for customers and the business that is purposefully being ignored. @WalkerTexasRanger pls tell me this isn’t the case?

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I agree with all of the OP’s points, but I’d add that I stopped doing surveys because it was clear that Scopely wasn’t even paying attention to the answers. Why waste MY time if it isn’t even going to be considered? It’s not like there is any other reward.

I get the clear feeling that the survey is just so that the company can say, “We are open to feedback. Look, we even do regular surveys!”


I actually remember doing the arena survey and actually doing a post advertising for others to do it. 2 days later while the survey was still doing the rounds, they posted an announcement to changes. 2 days and while the survey was still running.

This is why as customers we need to provide feedback on forums and demand better.

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Has anyone had the surveys pop up again? Seems to have stopped for me

It stopped for me as well