Constantly kicked out

Have a team mate who game today developed a strange bug. He can collect items but as soon as he tries to actually play it boots him out. Anyone else have same issue or had same issue and found a solution. He has reinstalled…cleared cache. Killed his cat. Support so far have gave no answer.


Mine was doing something similar before. It stopped once I stopped trying to forcibly enter territories lol. Back to normal now. Ish.

Did he receive a substantial reimbursement recently?

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No…hes total f2p. He can view and type in chat…do Arena…but cant use territorys i believe. Any help would be appreciated. He said it started with a mesh error…Jb…Gr…Anyone?

It only gets worse. Eventually it will crash in his inbox, then profile, then raids, until eventually he can’t login. Whatever it is, when it hits your account you’re screwed.

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