Consistency in league tournaments


Just something that’s irritating me.

League tournament points are all over the map. This week last raid top prize was 40k, Then SR for 50k, now raid for 20k.

I understand lengths can vary, but such a huge swing makes planning out sort of irritating. One might save cans for a second event later in the week, only to find out its worth half the league trophies the one they passed on is.

Maybe I’m wrong, but it perturbed me nonetheless.


Tbh I’ve never understood why people “save” cans or trainer or gear? Use it when you can because you never know what’s going to happen next.


Um… I think they are scaling with the length of tournament.

Could be wrong… But could also be so right.


The bigger question is who gives a crap?

The difference in rewards from diamond 1 to 5 is 60 coins and 5k in tokens. Keep burning those cans. You can do it. Be #1. :rofl:


Couldn’t agree more. Seeding was exciting. Now just like everything else, it’s meh. I’ll take it as it comes. Won’t be sucked into spending more.


I kinda like it. My days off work are Monday and tuesday so for big events it’s hard for me to compete on the weekend but events on Monday and tuesday help me catch up


But the difference in prizes once you’ve qualified and the stretches start are not going to be 60 coins.


One can express displeasure at the formatting while not being directly affected.


Well, my displeasure comes from them expecting people to use up all their resources for a difference of only 60 coins from the lowest rank in diamond to the highest. What’s most frightening is that there are people who are falling for this and there are like 7 or 8 more weeks left to go in the season.


I use up resources for pride all the time.

This is no different.

Nothing wrong if you choose not to, it is a choice after all.


Some person in my league was behind me on the leaderboard Placed below me in survival road after rewards. After rewards were in I was above him or her then ten mins later he was 45k above me and in first place of my league. How does one raid so fast??


Rewards go by region. So other regions might get the rewards 15-30 minutes earlier including the trophies.


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