Considering extending max members in a faction?


Should it be a good idea to extend the max numbers of members into a faction to allow everybody to play, particulary during the night or while off-peak hours ?

More members = better chance to get ppl for the war.
And so the max numbers of players should be extended a little too.

Here an example:
Faction Members : 45
War Battle Needed Players : 10
ATK / war cans : 5
ATK To Kill a player : 6 (perfect)

Same ration as actual but maybe more activity.


Yes, great idea because more :whale::whale2::whale: packed together is exactly what the game has been missing. :smirk:


No. (7 chars)


Increase members AND increasing a war party seem to be counter productive. Everything is fine the way it is as far as faction size goes.


More activity… amongst the 3 consolidated factions to a region

45 is way too high. Would just increase the gap of top factions as they would naturally pick up the better players from the other factions. I wouldn’t mind maybe increasing it to 32. Multiples of 8 lol.

No way! Most factions can barely fill 30 already. There are so many recruitment posts on here, FB, Discord, and Line.


This will work once they consolidate everything down to 8 regions. CRW will literally be the entire playerbase warring. Bane will have his dream finally come true because “who is the best” will be easy to answer. I predict it happens in the next 8 to 12 months. It is too financially attractive for them to avoid much longer. Wasted computing resources = wasted money.

It’s a suggestion… but deserves the same attention as: region merging, CRW with more regions, & weeklong wars.

how about the entire region is merged into one faction for crw, we battle it out 20vs20 and war energy is lowered to 2. imagine the war cans sales.

So Onslaught then


not really

onslaught is 30v30 with only like 3-5 energy. That’s my point

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Wasnt there a topic that was asking about balance in the game and people seemed to be for it. Adding more people into a faction will only make things so much more UNBALANCED

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Honestly i personally would prefer filling/inviting players for war matches from your region for crw.
Would be more like faction A has 6/8 players who joined war so they need two more players. Now they click on the empty spots and see 24 players looking for a match in this region. They can see since what time they are looking for a match or if they actually online (green/ red light).
Now they can invite those players for the match and those players need to accept to join that match.
That way you would extend the number of participating players without increasing the faction number limit. Also the whole activity should increase.

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