Connie: The $35 Command

Command Connie’s new value has been put at $35. Is her stash worth it? Assuming one already has both Glenn and Kelly.

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It’s never worth it bud


Shes trash dont know why they dont try selling a toon like green alpha in there i would have cleared tht stash in less than a min.

I bought the whole stash but for the fact it comes with 30 Burts and bradys the gear, and the lilith and Ulysses. The connie is just fodder at this point.

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I have her maxed and never ever use her

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@Ript0r not siddiq but still a command

Pass here, If there was siddiq or a red command THEN maybe I will go for it, connie is useless

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Thx Wrecks but i’m not even looking for a command. I was asking for Siddiq because i wanted to collect him. :slight_smile:

She isn’t worth it, Glenn is miles ahead of her and easily obtainable for free.

I had two, I used both as a fodder.
I prefer Glenn

Come on now, $35 for Alpha is a bargain. Scopely don’t do bargains.

Connie is a great commander. Her AR basically gives you a free turn assuming there’s 4 ennemies left and they don’t have confuse resistances. Even better than Glenn if you’re using SR Zeke too. But she’s not worth that price.

if u hve glen thn pass her

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