Connie Event (15 chars)


So stumbled across this SS from a group on FB. Have to assume this is real, since they predicted Spencer’s ascension with 1 or 2 before it really happened.


premium event, so probably will cost some cash…


Can you send me that fb group link?


Can’t be so sure about that. There was the legendary tokens event which everyone assumed it was going to be a p2p event, and it turned out to be the opposite.
Of course, spenders will get more tries because of the bags/crates that are going to be for sale.
Or this could be the equivalent of the slash tokens.


Will that be the third legendary green command? Or the fourth?


I think it’s the third. Glenn, Kelly and now Connie.


When does this pop?


Premium event just like the legendary wheel and mirabelle wheel


Mirabelle wheel was strictly p2p. Legendary wheel wasn’t as everyone got 2 or 3 chances at stash or wheel.


Still no info on that.


Expecting the 0% odds for Erika :joy:


If you call a box with 0% chances to get a purple token and 4 pulls in a 90 slot stash for a purple token f2p you are mistaken my friend :joy: thats RNG locked behind RNG oh and then more RNG of actually getting a decent toon if you managed to get a purple token


Clearly those are weed buds you get from doing events with Ezekiel


Good observation skills! I can’t say the same about me… :confused:


There wasnt 5* in the P2P event was there…Should say it will be for everyone…no P2P gonna spend for a chance at a 5.


Well spotted and I wonder is that why war was cancelled.


There’s no sense in having a 15+ days event only for p2p.
I believe it will be like the slash tokens event.
We know Connie, Shiva and Erika are on the wheel, as so might be their 5* counterparts.
We have to wait and see who the other chars are. Maybe Beta, yellow Negan, Shane?


Yeah but scopley cmon
That being said if this is slightly f2p I’ll be a lil happy
Wasn’t expecting this Connie to be a event toon
I mean shes probally better to use over glenn on atk I feel glenn is good for his buff but it goes of way to slow
While Connie by the time she goes off one enemy should be dead so one turn of grav breathing space to charge some ars up is welcome
But she command like bruh
My boi siddiq is making my brazzers bill go up because he getting lonely we needed mo ranged commands we need yellow commands not just boring ol green commands


I feel like this will be f2p because there is also 5*s in the wheel lol


Ascendable 5*