I must say I am impressed how out of touch these offers are getting, it is impressive feat to keep outdoing yourself, I know you must be desperate for our Christmas money but seriously are live ops aware of the game they are creating offers for?

You overvalue so much can you please tell me if anyone buys this so I can go to there house and slap them


Non spenders making Scopely desperate

you basically pay for the first two things (trainers)

75k xp for Bradies
108k for Basils or 3 5 star ascendables loule.

If this was like 20$ i would consider that a sort of decent deal if your brand new.

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Is this supposed to be Scopely’s “New” fresh kind of hell? They must be starting early for next year’s trip to Disney World or Disneyland…

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If only we got a wool beanie from some other place… oh that’s right one of the days of Xmas hell lmao!

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Worse in the uk scopely seem to think the exchange rate is £1 to $1

So the same offer is equivalent to $134 for us Brit’s

I find it sad that there is no such thing as “report app” on itunes u_u

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I’m playing under the Google Play store

Boxing Day is over

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What a rip off, they just keep getting worse and worse. Who in their right mind would purchase either of these?? I would like to give them a slap too

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Welcome to Another of Scopely’s Fresh “New” Hell offers.
They’re so far out of touch with their player base that it’s not even funny anymore… $100.00 who are you kidding?

Anyone who buys these offers deserves to be slapped…


The gun is €99,- here… which comes down to $132,-

Even more in the uk :uk: way are these guys on. But thay do say a fool and there money are easy parted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Yet another kick in the nuts from scopely. If it was more reasonably priced I’d consider it. But this is scopes playing this game is like shopping at Tesco’s but paying Harrods prices.

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seems like such a reasonable offer!

:face_with_raised_eyebrow::scream: is this our happy new year scopely

I’d like someone to buy this, just to make sure the ‘guaranteed 4-star weapon’ is actually the stun gun shown, or if it’s just a visual con.

Well go for it and let us know :smile:

I can promise you there will be a least a handful of people on each region that will buy it they just won’t admit it. I on the other hand I will put that $160 towards my rent but hey at least the pop up offer made me laugh.

Nah, I already have 2 stun guns :laughing: