Congrats to all forum members

We did it.

Finally got a full response pending for addressing low activity in regions.

1.5 years of elevating this issue has finally paid off.



I will believe it when I see it. Talk is cheap and their track record speaks for itself.


They knew with mods update players were ready to nuke their accounts. So making an announcement with the update that has it pending was a last ditch effort to keep those players tied to the game. Now they simply must follow through or they will have max exodus at end of summer.

Wouldn’t celebrate yet . Remember it was said before with region merging.


I agree with your thinking but I also think it’s too late. Combat mods are going to destroy the game. The only people who will continue to play will be the spenders. The f2p are going to leave because there is zero hope of staying competitive. That new subscription model is the icing on the cake. Were moving from p2w to p2p if it happens.

I agree here. If they are giving full on energy advantage to subscription, the free player will be massively left behind with is disappointing.

Mods my issue is around flexibility. Seriously limiting toons to single use (which we have few already). Only toons that truly benefit are role dependent ones, like shields etc

I don’t know man. I’m still kicking strong (somewhat). And if I did call it quits, I wouldn’t nuke my account. I spent at least more than a year (or quite possibly, slightly less) getting where I’m at. I wouldn’t dare erase that progress. Plus if I had a nickel for every time I quit this game than came back, I think I would have 20 cents right about now.

I hear you but this is the best it’s gonna get for the f2p. Don’t know if you have gone against the new time out teams with two Magna’s and two Erika’s but now imagine them all with 75% stun resistance and 650 extra defense mods. Impossible to beat unless you are also willing to spend to make the perfect counter team.

Once combat mods go live it’s an arms race and the only way to come out on top is to spend, spend, and spend some more. If you aren’t willing to do that you will be left behind. Do not think for a second they will provide a f2p solution to keep up. These new “features” are clearly just a way to grab as much cash as possible before the game closes it’s doors for good.

Hey I pray to God I’m wrong but time will tell.


might be to late

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Think if you never have paid the subscriptions on 2 dollars

I agree, mods will erase all the luck I have finally had in crafting weapons and being competitive. I will not spend on mods to be competitive. It will most likely phase me out.


Mods are fun as hell…love them!!! Have you actually used them?!? If so, what faction what beta? Your not gonna have to spend on mods…they will be givin out at launch plus roadmaps and events. With everything else of course you have the option to purchase more. Damn… Smh

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Won’t spend. If I can compete as F2P, new game.

Of course, just like when the armory came out its gonna kill the game p2p gonna take over you have purchase to git good stuff etc… Lol yaw crack me up…

Remember the up cry when they added a new shop for tokens to buy gear :joy::joy:

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That backlash is still pending. When everyone’s out of gear (which im drawing very close) and we won’t buy toons because of it, the frustration will start to show once again.

But I’ll take getting a chance to actually play in an active region once again.

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No offense but praying to god about this game is a bit much. #1stworldproblems lol

I’d really love be able to buy more then one long coat every few days tbh lol

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I feel your pain, I need 2! :joy::joy::joy:

Guess I am very lucky. Have plenty of gear. Always seem to pull what I need from those crates. My lowest is 54 NVG’s.

Sitting on 76 long coats.