Congrats on ya bs

10 wars in…multiple wayland…Played TTT…guy has 2 maxed. Played so many with #united…2 wayland…joke as you all full of shit.


Probably me. Gg

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if it was…i hate

Smh. Way to go alex.

lol…it was nice…i cant deny that

Yep seen several player with #united in their names and Pete/Wayland on their teams :roll_eyes:


pete dont count…was b4

if that the way it is…whats the point? Im sorry man but top factions are those to look up too…u lot just shit on the community.

I’m sure not all of them were bought before. It all counts. I’m sure Players United didn’t happen overnight.

Poor guy, wayland isnt worth doubling up on.

we knew it would happen tho Eff

True, but you can’t expect everyone to stand united. Some will not, some will. I doubt Alex is the crux upon which this movement succeeds or fails. Don’t get worked up just yet, there may be a positive result to this united thing yet.


i hope so m8…im all on the greater good…just pissed as i couldnd beat it…yet.

Just playing devil’s advocate here, but #playersunited is just not spending real currency correct? 20k coins is a current reward in those Pathway crates right now.

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I think it’s just being realistic here. There are those who are skeptical of where those coins came from and they have every reason to be.

Some are so extreme and vocal about it, it just makes me think it’s the jealousy and envy speaking. Don’t let these waver what we have built.

Tbh, what does it matter if these people don’t partake in the movement? If Scopely continues with their shenanigans, more people will continue to not spend and leave in droves, leaving those who spent to eventually fight it out among themselves.

What I’d suggest is to give each other the benefit of the doubt. The one you should be cynical and doubtful of is Scopely and their statement release because we all know what the odds are of them keeping to their words.

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