Congrats on another awesome event


What did we want from a Christmas event?
Well I think most people wanted an event that you can farm.

What did we get?
An event you can farm with a ridiculously low cap meaning that farming is useless.

So for 12 days we get 12 collections that can be redeemed once each so one pull for 12 days of work plus, other items like burts and flak jackets.

But don’t worry we can buy more robots In a ridiculously overpriced Christmas stash.

Honestly what the fuck? Every thing you do is turning into a massive cash grab, you have no idea what this game is turning into, you have alienated your customers with consistent short sighted descions with no longer term goals, Il leave you with this.

This is why the game no longer works and how short sighted decisions and shameless cash grabs have broke the game, this character is invulnerable to 6*, I can’t touch him and this is why people are fed up, if you haven’t spent in the last couple of months there is no variety and you are at a major disadvantage



I’ll wait until the event is actually over before drawing any conclusions. I also personally lump the 2 events together as an overall holiday event. We have a chance for a 6* and gear. The 2 things most sought after in the game.


While I agree he is too strong, I can beat him with 5s toons. Combining stun with toons who have a very stong skill was another way to get cash.


Admit it, Scopes. You broke your own game, and yet you are still stubborn enough to think and say you can still sail in this sinking boat.

There’s no way people can compete with this, especially when you pratically broke the meta launching premier-only ascendables (Pretty overpowered, at that!).

Many have told you this up till now, but I must mention it again for the good of us all, including you, Scopely: Do something right. And quick, before this Titanic hits the iceberg and we all sink with it.


no you wouldnt mate, check his defence over 4k even blue andreas ar would barley scratch him, a tier 3 shiivas ar with 60% atk boost did 200 damage , and basic hits wiith this boost with yellow zeke did no damage no 5 * team would be able to beat him


The iceberg has been it. We are hoping for a rescue boat.


Didn’t say a 5s team, said 5s toons. I still run Priya.


yeh i get that no 5* would scratch that charater, i used andrea as an example as she hits alot harder than pryia ,it doesnt matter if hes stunned or confused if you cant damage him


I simply do not spend on this sh1t. This is from someone who cannot ascend any of the toons that need to be in my roster. Due to lack of ascendance medals. Toons that I purchased on promos. So the solution is simple. No more spending. Enough is enough regardless of the addiction, I am very clear on where this line is drawn.
Right now I have gone from feeling rather indifferent towards Scopely to a slight bit of hatred.


Cant agree with this post more.


I have zero issues with Governor. Run Mira.


I like to impair evasion users with Tys active, then hit them with Sid’s rush so the AP stays low, minimizing the damage reduction. If I can stun him with Shiva basic, Shiva active, or Mira rush, he can’t stun me either


Good plan. I run straight at him with Yumi, Ty and Dwight then clear the stun with my twin Mira’s next turn.


I guess 2 of these also help.


Oh is it that simple sorry , i should have thought about that before posting

OH WAIT ! i cant run a range team as im a foolish man who is limited by the abundance of f2p items like lilithss and Ulysses, as well as medals that has meant that i locked myself into a ,melee team, how stupid of me i supose i should get gud and depot my melee team and the weapons i created for them to run a mira lead and 5* instead.

the 4k defense is an example this is a tier 4 6* with defensive weapons, and tower and general boosts giving him the ability to basically nulify any damage whatsoever, lets assume i have a carl lead and do the exact same thing i tier up my characters it basically means you have to have a tier 4 6* team to match him of the opposite colur and with the limited amount of variety available makes the game stale, the stats of these charactrs are to high

And to all those saying leave him till last or stun him , he is stunned ,its clear your missing the point of this , the point was look at his stats its the clearest example of why the stat boost wasnt needed this is the state of the game now no strategy just the highest leveld charcter you can get and if you dont have the same tier your screwed


Wow, so angry. The game has AWLAYS been like this. Is this the 1st time you faced a team you couldn’t beat? It’s a tough team. I hear you. If you expect to dominate in this game then break out the $$. I am f2p now and am locked into a range team. Some beefed up Carl teams defend me. Can’t say i’m Overly angry about it or claim the game is broken. I will find a way. :wink:


When Scopely 1st announced 6*’s they did say repeatedly that choices would have to be made. All the complaints about what Scopely has not done and yet they often do what they say. Maybe not the way we want them to.


Just because you’re having trouble with him, doesn’t make him invulnerable. At worst it makes you uncreative. Because of RNG you will generally lose to him some of the time. However, if you play it right, you can win more often than you lose.

I beat a very similar loadout on the same Gov in a 4 red, 1 Blue windowless team just today. I had 4 blue behind one red, and one Stun gun. The things that help: Mira active skill, Tripp heal AR, Tyreese Damage AR/Impair active skill, Yumiko confuse active skill/Burn AR, having 4 blues against 4 reds, a little bit of luck.

A single stun gun is not a game breaker. A windowless team is definitely a pain, but it’s manageable the majority of the time if you play it right.


Are you a newer player? I only ask because i still have enough medals to ascend 5 more to 6s. I have 6 ascended so far. I run melee heavy but working on range. Have Mira, tyreese and soon will have Dwight to 6s.

I also have a ton of Liliths and Ulysses. I also have unopened trainer crates (not holding out hope) and persona crates. Have 12 adens too. I just save as much as I can. In a top 5 faction, we do place first in certain events.