Congrats Notorious and AP

But sadly you both lost. Lmao at all those wasted cans for your peen measuring contest.

I will admit the numbers are impressive and you are all beasts but the house won the most this tourney. Scopely thanks you for fulfilling thier Christmas bonus this year. I look forward to the numbers from your next competition. Please dont dissapoint ^_^.


No one cares about region drama.

Ok… that’s just beyond ridiculous.


Anyone who pays anymore lost to Scopely.


Do they even get a prize lol

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Let them, they can support the potato server this game runs on and i can play a video game and have fun, i have nothing to prove to anyone on this game/the net but if someone like AP or Notorious want to prove how amazing they are by giving money away thats fine with me. I personally dont see any reason to $pend like that but to each thier own, i know its a D measure contest but im not impressed at all and im not alone, no one is going to thier friends to tell them about a faction that $pends all thier money on 1 video game cause well its just not cool but like i said to each thier own


I’m sure no one in AP or notorious views it as wasted cans, they were neck and neck going into the raid tourney for overall number 1 status.

Made for a fun watch from afar as the gap shortened, grew and positions swapped

I don’t think thar trying to prove that thar’re anyone by playing thar game the way thar want to play it. Thier thar thie’re dere, daaar.


This is what I find so funny about this community. Make fun all you want. Two factions decided to compete against each other and yes there was no “reward”. There was nothing more than coming in first. One faction won and one faction lost.

And yet we have factions who quit mid way through a CRW because they are in 26th place and the reward isn’t worth it plus they are used to coming in 2nd in their region and that’s why they prefer AOW. But that’s commendable.

Congrats Notorious for the “win”

Congrats AP for “playing”


Try hards trying on a game. Pffft. The real game is on the forums and line. Who actually plays the game?? Only losssssseeeeeeers amrite. The real whinners are the ones making fun of people who play a game to win it.

I will let you know after the event the ones that I actually tried at. L33t h4x0rs ftw


Forums are hilarious. Personally I had a fun raid event- wine, a late night line chat that left me in tears from laughter, all while mindlessly raiding to compete with Notorious. Play how you like, I won’t judge you. So please don’t judge me.

P.s. it’s “their” How2Zombie. Grammar nazis are losing THEIR shit.


Sorry i had trouble reading that, my thumbs are fat but not that fat :joy::ok_hand:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: all part of mines plan

I before e except after c my ass, its all a lie :sob::sob::sob:

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You top factions seem infinitely more interesting than mine. Lol.
We’re rank 8th in my region.

Bastards!! IKR??? :rofl:

I think we all know that the players in these two factions are not the brightest crayons in the crayon box but if they think using raid cans while beating one star teams is fun then just let them have their fun.

#Dark Crayons


Careful lot of people D ride factions like this :joy::joy::joy:


Who cares? Let them play their games how they like. You go concern yourself with your own.

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I’m a semi f2p player, not a whale. But i respect everyone else in the game. Be it whale or not, its their rights to spend however they like. If you’re unhappy with the game mechanics, take your whining elsewhere. Learn to respect players of all kind. That is the very least a human should behave.

The threadstarter is clearly having a poor perspective of life. I must say, people who complains / whines / go against others on forums are very self-centered.

As long the rich players are not harming others, why should people call them out for? Vice versa, i hope no whale player should also call out the poor / mediocre gamers and stepping on their $ spent on games.

If you want to target scopely, direct your anger / complains at Scopely. Do not bring others into the picture, it just shows how horrible you are in real life.