Confusion ..attack vs Crit

Just looking for verification, if possible.

Per the Combat Reference Guide:

Attack stats/buffs directly contribute to the amount of damage you do.

Making a critical attack multiplies the final damage total by 1.5

And Trait advantage also multiplies damage done, by 2 if you have it.

The question part!

How does +Crit work though? Does it add damage like the attack buff does? Does it only add if you make a critical attack?

Any and all thoughts, please! I haven’t been clear on this and realize I’m probably missing the chance to be a stronger player…

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Crit increases the chance of landing a critical hit

I think you’re not correct. The critical chance mod does, but I don’t think +crit (as in +30 crit on a weapon)

+crit adds the chance to getting a critical hit.
+crit % adds the damage done by a critical hit.

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Anyway, thus my confusion. Hoping for more. Chime in! lol

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hmmm. Just found this:

Crit. (an abbreviation of “Critical Hit”) is defined as a stronger than normal blow to an enemy, whether it be an Enemy Survivor or a Walker. The more Crit. points a character has (including any bonus from their weapon), the more likely they will be to kill the enemy with a Single Blow. This can be used as a very effective strategy, particularly against Walkers in the some of the more difficult Missions.

A character can gain bonus Crit. points through Leader Skills, Ally Skills, Weapons, Adrenaline Rushes and Battle Items (Nitric Oxide and Sharpshooter).

Additionally, certain characters will automatically deal a Critical Hit when their Adrenaline Rush is activated.

Crits increase damage by 50% against humans , but note that your crit stat isn’t a straight percentage change to crit. There’s some more complex math that happens to convert your crit ‘rating’ into a chance to crit, which is designed to apply some diminishing returns so people don’t get into a state where they’re critting with every attack (which would totally break all walker combat). Dash Scopely

I think it is about Mods. Do the Crit mods make it easier/faster/more frequent oppertunity to do a critical attack? Or is an attack mod better? This is what I personally wonder and never get a straight answer.

Ok, great explaination posyed right before mine. But still wondering about Crit mods. I have a srack of them that i havent used cuz I dont understand exactly what they add to a toon. Can someone clarify for this clueless girl?

Same as above, crit mods only increase your CHANCE of getting a critical hit. The higher the number, the higher the chance. Note that the crit mods don’t add a %, it’s just a number…meaning that you’ll never get a 100% chance to crit.

I personally never use crit mods on characters that don’t need it. I much rather add an attack mod since it is guaranteed and I don’t have to depend on RNG. Of course I would use a crit mod for any character that would benefit from it like and disarm or guardian character. I would also use crit mods in any teams that are just there to kill walkers.

You posted the elongated definition of my response right here:

So as i said. The +Crit increases the chance of landing a critical blow, that critical blow will do and additional amount damage

There are multiple ways to increase +Crit, weapon stat, leader skill, crit chance mod and finally crit from a buff applied by and AR of a character.

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A crit mod set , increases crit damage a crit chance mod increases the chance for a crit hit . there is also a crit damage mod, which increases crit damage , so a standard crit hit does 150%damage a gold crit mod complete set, adds 50% more damage to the crit hit, total of 200% so far, add in the crit damage mod for another 50% for 250% crit damage,

It would be great if Scopely would permit an authoritative explanation.

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Thank you all for clearing that up. It helps alot :wink: Appreciate the honest answers!

Alternatively, either check out the combat guide thread which has a lot of information, especially on the basic combat fundamentals you seem to be unsure about or you could always trust that some people round here know their onions


An exhaustive yet again search of the Combat Fundamentals guide reveals “again” that there is no mention of what crit damage does.

A crit hit, on the other hand, multiples final damage by 1.5.

And again, Attack is scored directly as damage done, when balanced against all defense etc bonuses.

Soooooo, if you have the answer, what does increased crit get for the player?

“A Critical Hit multiplies the final damage by 1.5”

Critical Chance Boost

  • This status increases a character’s odds that they will perform a critical hit when making an Attack. Adrenaline Rushes cannot become a critical hit. This number is not a % value. A score of +100 Crit does not mean the character will crit 100% of the time.

Generic +x(%) [ATK/DEF/HP/CRIT]
Increases the equipped character’s relevant stat. This stacks with leader skills. (Multiplicative for %, Additive for non % [Crit])

To repeat…there is no explanation of what increased crit does. An explanation from someone who actually knows would be very appreciated.

Who cares? :cupcake:
It’s not really gonna change anything in raids unless its a guardian or a disarm.

Except for that multiplier of x1.5 on your damage total if you manage a critical hit. And that seems to be true for ANY toon making an attack.

And given that, does increased crit make that better?

I just wonder if I’m missing the chance to make tougher toons.

I find crits don’t really do much for me, :cupcake:.
But you may be on to something.

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+Crit is a flat number that through some formula relates to the percentage chance of applying a critical attack, as said in the last paragraph of Dash’s quote. When you land a critical attack, a 1.5 multiplier is added to the damage done against humans.

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100% agreed.

Try to use a crit weapon, then an att weapon, on a collat damage toon and just write down the results to compare.
You will soon understand why a large number of players do use crit mods in their attack teams.
The actual new game is to beat the opponent T3.