Confused toons using AR


I think another problem is sometimes a toons AR goes off BEFORE the actual AR or Skill of another to heal them does. You can see this with revives and on auto. A toon will be dead and all of a sudden is alive and performing their AR (which is another bug that never got addressed - they shouldn’t revive with AR ready to go) and then after the attack the toon that revives them actually has it’s animation go off.


So what you ask us to do is to continously film our grinding in war or raids @LadyGeek
It’s not predictable when those bugs occur. It’s rng, like everything in this game.
Even if we give proof, it wouldn’t change anything as bugs are never fixed :man_shrugging:


I’m simply asking for a video to save developers’ time. Vague bug reports like ‘confuse is broken’ require way too much developer time that should be spent on better things. As soon as I get a video, I’ll get developer eyes on it right away.

If it’s important to you, help me out. If not, please don’t take out your frustration on me. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help, but I’ve never been able to recreate it or get a video demonstrating it.


As I said, it’s random, and it would require permanent filming I don’t think you’d really expect us to do that.

I’m really fed up with this pretty arrogant approach towards us. We always have to prove that we are right. For example, Scopely has never proven that the random number generators work properly, especially on the wheels…

It’s Scopely’s job to do continous testing like any other software company, not mine. But maybe you could take this to the developers without a video: we can change roles, pay me for testing, instead of me paying to play.


Just film each battle and delete the ones that don’t display the alleged bug. Is that too much to ask for? I’m not going to tell a plumber there is a leak in my house and then not tell them where the leak is exactly.


My last post was hidden (:thinking::thinking::thinking:) but can you at least try and show proof?


Your comparison does not fit. We told exactly where the leak is, but the plumber wants me to do his work. It’s not my job to open the wall to search the exact position and to proof it’s a leak. My job end with showing him the wall where the water leaks.


Looking back at my comparison, it does not make sense. But can you still at least provide something here for support to work with?


Holy sh…, no. I will not film every raid or fight in war and search for the relevant scenes.
It’s their job, and easy to fullfill. They just have to play their own game, which they obviosly don’t do.


Well this is at a stalemate then…


I have tried to video it. I’ve recorded numerous raids now and it hasn’t happened since I started this thread. I know the first time I don’t record it will happen but it is what is. I would think the number of people on here is proof it’s happening but if you want a video I’ll try my hardest to get you one.


Shush. I got popcorn and it needs consuming.

Thread on my friends. Tell me against of your subjective game play failures :wink:


I know this is off topic but last raid tournament i was raiding and it instantly timed me out when i started attacking.


Wait a minute ain’t that Beta testing is for. Maybe they should have actually used Beta to test before forcing everything on us. I’m not in Beta and for the amount of money this game makes we should not be expected to pay to test it.

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