Confused toons using AR


I thought the confuse trait was supposed to disable AR from popping while they are confused. How then is Erika, Lydia and Dante using their AR after they are confused? I have lost numerous battles to teams I should have beaten because of this bug. I know I’m not the only one experiencing this. This needs to be addressed by the design team!!


Are you sure they are confused and that they don’t have a resist mod?


They probably have focus


Mods. Bound to be mods. Do you check before you waste your ars on them?


I see stunned and impaired toons taking turns with the symbols over them all the time, too. Its cost me countless raids. If a toons is affected, that effect should actually count for something. Getting wasted by toons that you can clearly see are stunned is, frankly, ■■■■■■■ bullshit.


Its not focus or mods, this is an issue where toons are able to rush even when confused, taunt, etc as well as some resisting impair and stun when they have no resist mods, i check each toons mods and weapons at the start of a fight. OP get video using a screen recording program but even then you will have people deny it. Some people act like this game has never had any bugs :rofl:


I have done like 30k raids and never seen it not saying it isn’t possible but…


I have seen it too a couple times. Confused characters using their rush and they had the sign on them.
For me i have seen it when using only auto play.


The only time I have seen it is when the too was confused or taunted but focused. Which is working as intended.


Could also be a toon curing the effect. Lots of rushes have random cures, plus there are active skills to consider which can be missed in the heat of battle.

This idiot only recently realised why an impaired Erika would rush after Leagues Zeke had rushed…


You are not the only one. I have seen it to many times to count. Had a confused Lydia rush revive and apply bonus HP then next turn hit her team mate. No there was no focus involved at all cause none of the other team even had that skill. Had stunned shields still shield or shield while confused. The bugs are there.


Every time I see a thread like this, I ask for a video to prove to the developers there is a combat bug.

Please, if it happens frequently it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to capture on video. Grab a video, send it to me on Line/ Dropbox/ email, whatever, and I’ll get developer eyes on it as fast as I possibly can. Without a video, it’s impossible to verify it’s an actual bug vs. a player who doesn’t understand how focus works.


Have come to hate Zeke, he often gets priority over a revive for me now when selecting targets


Same. Before I realised, he was just an annoying healer. Now I realise he’s a legit spanner in the works


I understand how focus works. I do not understand Mirabelle stunning three toon with her rush then a toon that is visibly stunned making a normal attack in the next round.

You don’t have to believe it, but it’s happened to me more times than I’m comfortable with. Not every time, but very frequently. I’m not about to sit here and record every match I have to prove it, but others can vouch - it’s an infrequent but real issue.


Same with Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, and aliens. I have seen them all many times just don’t feel like videoing it.


I’ve been playing for over 3 years and very well understand the mechanics of the game. I know how focus works and which toons have that ability. So Everytime someone says that it’s focus it is not true. I’m not going to video every single battle to catch it on video and to say with out that all the people that are experiencing these B.S. are wrong is wrong. It is happening and it’s starting to happen more with every new feature that is introduced. If you want people to plunk down their hard earned money for new toons or subscription to play then fix the damn game and stop trying to milk everyone for more money!


I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years and every time theres a bug with ars/actives skills or mechanics combat someone was able to video it. People have been saying about these supposed bugs for over 6months and until now we don’t have a proof so I’m inclined to believe that what happens is the lack of sync between the animations of ars/as/mods effects with 3x speed and they are not perceived and viewed as a bug


There is a lot of truth to this. With 3x speed alot of animations are happening out of turn and I’ve seen many times where someone is impaired or stunned and will rush and the next action is actually the recovery or stun or impair on that toon. Or a dead toon rushes and the next action is actually the dead toon being revived.

Not discrediting that these might be real issues being brought up, I’ve never encountered them, but I’ve seen a lot of minor issues in game mechanics that can be overlooked and viewed as something not working right.


So you want the problem fixed but you don’t want to take the time to help fix the problem…

Got it!