Confused Toons Killing Entire Team


Can someone at Scopley explain to me why my confused toon can kill my entire team but barely scratched the other player’s toon when I’m attacking? This has got to be the dumbest piece of coding in the game. I can understand if my toon is confused and attacks my team with a similar effect it has when attacking the enemy but for 1 single Konrad or alpha shot to kill all or half of my toons is idiotic.


Mods that resist confuse and defend while confused


I wish that was true but it’s not. The opposite team typically have anti stun, confuse, graze, defense but not confuse defense. I’ve had defenses of nearly 6k per toon snufffed out in seconds from a weak confused toon with less than 1600 on attack.


It’s still possible


You still didn’t explain why attacking my team kills my toons but barely scratches the other team every time regardless of mods on my toons.


I feel like there’s a missing detail somewhere… My characters get confused all the time, but they still don’t 1hit my own team.


Your team probably has less defence/HP than the opponent. Attack teams usually do compared to defense teams.


Mind posting this team and their stats?


My tyrese has decapped quite a few of my teammates :joy::joy:. Poor Erika can’t revive them lol


I know how you feel I put confuse resist on my alpha just for this reason mine has one shot killed 4 of my toons more than once


You’d realize how weak glass cannon teams are without a mirabelle, strong or alert for example, for a lead skill. If you don’t have someone with hp or defense for a lead skill you are susceptible to damage, easily. Get some confuse resist mods or just be more careful around them. It happens to me too sometimes but its definitely due to tactical error.


This exactly


Simple, you built your offense with atk/ap and mdded all your toons for atk/crit dmg.

Meanwhile your opponent is loaded up with hp/def mods and leads. Simple math.

The damage increases by atk/def. In a typical battle offense and defense both increase countering each other for marginal of any gain. When you atk yourself your atk increase has magnified the damage because defense has remained the same. I’d suspect a 100+% increase to damage in this type of scenario.


Yep. All out offensive is wonderful, provided you can manage your status effects. If I let my team get away from me I tend to lose the battle. If I don’t, usually wrap up round 3 or 4. Me being careless on Huge ap when defending teams with shivas or the like is probably the largest source of losses when I’m attacking.


Yeah I agree


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