Confused still bugged!

Confused is bugged again! (Was is ever fixed?) Multiple times this war a confused toon is using AR and active skills. Ive lost several now because of this bug. Confused Mia still using revive active! Confused Christa still using AR.
Just add it to the ever growing list of bugs, glitches etc I guess.

You need to be careful, confuse has no effect if the person already had focus. In Christa’s case, she will user her active turn to an provide herself with focus, not sure about Mia though, but focus is the logical explanation.

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I’ve had plenty who didn’t have focus AR when confused

Bugs for today:

  1. My toon with guardian was killed
  2. Enemy donny was confused and did hit on his teammate bide toon. Bide killed my toon.
  3. My ajax has reflect dmg mod. Bide toon did hit on him, mod worked, ajax died.

Thank you scopely for another great war :blush::+1:


  1. Burn and bleed can still hit the character even with Guardian on.
  2. Seems like the damage reflect hit Bide threshold so logically, your Ajax gets killed.

The game is bugged to shit and even with pics and videos from youtubers even, people still try to pass things off lol

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