Confused, split waves

I’ve looked at all 3 of the pinned posts about region transfers and whilst they talk about wave 1a and 1b, I can’t seem to find anywhere which regions are 1a and which are 1b. Can somebody point me in the right direction please? If its not been decided yet that explains it… But I can’t seem to see where they say it hasn’t been decided yet.


Thank you! So Cook, the region that before wave 1, 2 and 3, was usually finishing 11-14th out of 16 in CRW that included regions that are in other waves now, is now a 1a region?
Cook is a day 1 region.
They seem to say they are basing this on ratings based on how I interpreted one of the pinned posts. They aren’t, they are being lazy and just basing it on age by the looks of it.

They used a dartboard


Some of those regions are throw in there as fodder to help keep the searches rolling no way Cook is active enough to be a Wave 1A region


Yep, I honestly think it’s not active enough to be a Wave 1b region since Cook finished below many wave 2 regions in previous CRWs

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