Confused on the Comics 11 collection

Comics 10 was 15 comics for 300 collectables. 1 comic = 20 collectables. Edit: I’ve been corrected below, it’s actually 10 comics for 300, so 1 comic = 30 collectables.
Comics 11 is 100 comics for 1000 collectables. This is confusing for 2 main reasons. Firstly, it is harder to get 100 comics than 15, every other game developer I’ve encountered would reward you more, not a third, for a more difficult objective. And secondly, Amber is a choice… The 6 star versions are worth 2000 collectables, so to make it equate as a 6 star choice, then surely it should be a 2000 collectable option? That would be closer with Comics 10 (3000 would equate).

Why have you done these comic collections backwards? I can’t see the logic in it. The idea is to encourage people to buy SC right? At the moment it just looks better to complete weekly missions and pick up Comics 10 instead.

And no, this isn’t a call to make future versions of Comics 10 worse Scopely.



It’s 10 comics for 300 collectibles not 15


The point still stands though that the conversion rate for 100 comics is out of synch.


My bad I’d already claimed it. 10 makes the point of my OP even more stark. That’s now 30 collectables per comic. (Which is a good thing not a bad thing)
Comics 11 only gives a third of the value as comics 10 does (which is a bad thing). That makes no sense.

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10 cans for me tbh

I have no idea what this means.
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@Tsarraz @LadyGeek
Apparently all of this posters past posts are something along the lines of ‘you’re an idiot’.


Hopefully Scopley will read this and amend the offer.

it means f2p can now run a Diego priya and amber combo :wink:

Lol true, although in the long run, if it had been 2000-3000 collectables, I’d argue that the collections would be a better pick. But at 1000, aye Amber might be a better choice.

You’re right I didn’t even realize it before but it should be 3000 collectibles to keep with the same rate…between Amber and 1000 I’m going to go Amber


Going to hold fire to see if they release a better off. Would hate to waste 100 comics and then see a new off of 10 comics for 300 x 10.

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I believe the main reason for this discrepancy is… SCOPELY


Nailed it

Scopely just looking to trick some people into giving up 100 comics for a lot less value in return. People will see the 1000 collectibles and still go for that.


Hard for f2p to get 150 comics (fifty Diego and 100 amber). But good point.

I didn’t see the problem here ?
Be grateful they gave us the 10 comics collection.
It’s pretty much logical to me .
You don’t have to complain about everything in game .
Scopley was very generous lately and that’s a fact . Giving all players chances to get S classes. PRIYA , LAOPO…
just tell me 3 months from now would you ever dream of getting priya for free .
Scopley need to catch some money and you don’t have to get all toons for free .
This is really annoying, if you want more collectable.
It’s simple get a job and buy some scopley offer that’s it.

Anyone that does not have amber and doesn’t claim her here is foolish. It makes me wanna re-up s.c just to get her

I outlined the issue in the OP. It’s simple Maths. It doesn’t make any sense to give less rewards for a harder achievement. Don’t understand how that’s logical to you.

Wow you have completely fallen for their tactics. Game developers are supposed to reward players for achievements and those rewards are supposed to be there to encourage participation. Grateful for doing what a game is supposed to do? Grateful that we at least receive the basic minimum effort from them I suppose.

No that’s an opinion, and a very strange one to be fair considering the majority of player feedback saying rewards, compensation, gear, trainers etc have all been abysmal lately.

That’s called keeping your players progressing in a game to keep their interest and money coming in, and as most players agree, it’s at a very pedestrian pace as it is.

I have one thank you, quite a good one. Very condescending last remark there by the way.


How have a Scopley given everyone the chance to get Priya / Laopo?

Daily Sclass map, weekly torch map, Onslaught rewards, Last Words rewards, Typhoon bags & stash, Michonne wheel, weekly missions & 10 comic tradeins, Champion’s arena rewards, War rewards, event placement rewards, free compensation bags, red velvet cake from war & priya/laopo trade ins, probably some that I forgot.

“Harder achievement” means spending more. And while you will often get a discount for buying more, Scopely often has introductory offers that give you a taste at a much lower price, and buying in larger quantities costs more. First hit is free discounted.