Confused as to why the Maths isn't adding up for a multiplier

Mike’s attack after the Mods I have put on him is 3342. I run a Camila 40% increase on melee attack lead. When I click on him in battle it says his attack is 4250 (not using a weapon with attack increase yet as currently crafting one I want).
However 3342x1.4 = 4679, a whole 429 attack higher than what he ends up having in battle.
What am I missing here?

The mod value gets added at the end after leadskill and weapons get multiplied

3180.8+1070(your mod value I am assuming)=4250.8


Ah thanks. So mods don’t get affected by any multipliers? I never knew that.
Mathmatically with bidmas/pemdas that would make sense, but I always assumed the Mods added to the characters base stats and then in battle any multipliers were added in battle, since that’s how it is represented in the roster and then in battle being different when the multipliers are added.
Well that’s cleared that up then, thank you.

The way they show it in your roster that would be what you would think is happening, adding directly to base before any multipliers. They could do a better job of showing that it is applied after all applicable multipliers are taken into account

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I was considering giving him a 40% att lead, 40% att + 30% crit + 35% att on characters above 60% health weapon, then use him after Hershals +50% att AR. I was calculating that to be giving between 13-15k attack, but now that drags it down to 10,088 (I could put a better mod to increase it by a further 60 but no point since that’s the case).
Was hoping landing a crit on his AR would cripple the opposing team. Doesn’t look as juicy now. Still might give it a go though.

Not for a leader skill. 40% is 40%

Weapon boosts however are applied individually, so 40% attack crafted from a base 30% and 2x5% would apply as you suggest

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