Confuse on weapon?

With the new Michie having confuse on her bound weapon does this mean we will have an option to upgrade weapons with the same result in the armory?


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woah just saw this. will this be on blue raider 3?

I would hope so @Plagueis

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Oh great , something new that I can fail on while my entire region lands 5 sets


If we couldn’t get stun on a yellow or absolute defense on a red what makes u think you are going to get this free to play?


Prolly not. Just a preinstalled special that is exclusive to this toon and maybe some future toons with exclusive weapons.

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waah makes the game less boring with new weapon ideas unfort I can’t afford these great new weapans cool idea tho.She seems a little overpowered at 66 ar tho.

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Good thing Scopely gave us all these free yellows lately

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Yeah, at least they gave us enough to counter her

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they couda just made her confounding specialist lol.

Disarm plus the possibility of confuse on the weapon is better imo. Can open a hole in a windowless team with disarm not confounding.

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I believe the weapon edges out that confounding specialist skill. The weapon only needs rng to go off while the specialist confounding needs crit where you would be sacrificing other stats like defense, attack, hp, and/or ap. Two turns coming from this weapon too while confuse from confounding is only one turn and tbh is really crap.

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and yellow Romanov will have taunt on his weapon :thinking:

told someone a month to a month and a half ago, these specialist skills will for sure be 5* weapon crafts. first they got to milk the toons they can with em 1st

and eventually with 5* weapons kicking in this kind of toon with locked 4* weapon will become obsolete soon

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Depends on how easy 5 star weapons and the parts needed to upgrade them will be to get. If they are hard(i assume they will be p2p premier pulls only)to get 4 star weapons won’t be going anywhere. And michonne would still have a place on attack because of her ability to open a hole in a windowless team with disarm.

while i tend to agree another factor will be the power creep between 4*-5* weapons. if base stats are 40+ for def,attk etc vs 30 now and then add confuse, taunt etc on attk and dmg, her and that locked weapon become far less powerful. but i realize the times arent at that pt…yet

yeah and konrad weapons meaning AD on red weapons…

I honestly doubt five star weapons are coming soon. If anything I could see townhall being expanded and armory as well of course and new stats coming along with that. Blue gets confuse yellow taunt maybe green gets confuse on defend and red taunt on defend but everything would still be a better chance.

I hope you are right. I think 5 star weapons will cause another mass exodus of players like 6 star characters did. Making toons everyone worked for or spent a lot of money on was a slap in the face and pissed everyone off. Taking away the usefulness of weapons that took people countless tries to make and making all the suffering under the blight that is earl meaningless would make me(and I think a lot of other players) even more pissed off.