Confuse Not working Properly?

Just raided a bot/mimic team with legendary Yumiko on it.

Her active skill kicked in & ‘confused’ Siddiq but on my next turn instead of Siddiq attacking one of my team he attacked Yumiko. So it actually acted as taunt rather than confuse.

Anyone else experience this?

There’s a thread that explains this, but to save me the hassle of linking it:

Confuse creates a 50-50 chance of the confused toon hitting their own team or yours. They then perform a standard attack on a random member of whichever team. Weapon upgrades are active, so they could double hit or stun with that attack.

Or something like that. Read the thread. Bookmark it. It’s very helpful.


confuse is 50:50 chance to attack own team.

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Thanks guys, at least I wasn’t imagining it.

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Found it!

Yes, I’ve just read it, thanks.

Have never noticed this before.

Strange actually because I read that thread yesterday, even commented on it, must have been thinking of something else while I skimread it. Probably thinking of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy after seeing @Agrajag’s name haha.

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