Confuse being ignored


Firstly, no focus was used in the making of this post.

A few times now, first noticed during last weekend’s CRW, I have had battles (war, friendly duel & raid) where an opponent who was confused has ignored it & either rushed or shielded.

On either occassion there was:

  1. No focus active
  2. No confuse resist mods on the toon confused
  3. The affected toon had the confuse icon displayed

More often than not it is fine, which makes it a difficult bug to pin point. It only started since that awful forced beta update in the middle of CRW.

Unless I start video recording every single battle I partake in, I can’t give you video evidence. But believe me, this bug is out there & I wish it would be consistent


Not convinced.

But thats just me I’m a data guy.

Need facts.

This unfortunately goes in the category of conjecture.


I’m not asking you to be convinced.

I’m highlighting a bug which has repeated itself in different scenarios, but on an inconsistent basis (as first highlighted).

If you’re gonna go around casting judgment to ascertain black or white…sometimes hold back or add something constructive


Scopley won’t do shit to look into this without proper proof - and even then it isn’t always they “take it to the team”. Get some videos of it happening and then come back.

I appreciate the practicalities of recording a bug are difficult, but chances are that if it’s only happening very occasionally and (because of the lack of responses to this thread) just to you, then chances are @Wanderer is quite possibly right.


I have experienced this also… and rarely also with stunned chars rushing anyway.


What I find is that we now have a lot of status indicators that can apply at once. Especially when a lot of burn and bleed mods are thrown into the mix. This then means that it is easier to miss certain status symbols, for example focus. Or miss that the toon was never actually stunned/confused in the first place.

I’d also point out, a lot of toons have rushes with side affects that cure debilitating statues like confuse. Eugene is a great example. Same goes for active skills, although I can’t think of a toon with recover confuse off the top of my head.

But with all that, it is quite easy to be mistaken. I was facing a double/triple revive team and had it down to the last revive, who was stunned, and Eugene. Eugene rushed (which I didn’t care about because I knew he wasn’t killing anyone) which unstunned the first revive and the chain reaction of revived revives reviving happened.


I did a duel yesterday and actually seen my faction mates Erika remove confuse from another toon. The character was not impaired nor did either have a resist or attack while confused Mod. It was rather surprising to see and rather upsetting cause it lead to an all out revive fest on thier side and completely nullifying my attack. The more that gets fixed the worse it gets.


It’s happened to me once with Erika’s AR going off when confused…focus was not activated. Sadly no vids and it hasn’t happened since


Same thing happened to me a good few times now since I started using my confuse team. Again all three confuse icons displayed yet some chars that are confused keep rushing and it’s caused me to lose raids unfairly.


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