Conflict with objectives in Solo Level Up

So, since the last Solo Level up, the objectives for bonus points during solo level up have been acting weirdly.

Take a look to the next video:

Basically what happens is:

Among different objectives to be completed, I have:

  • 30 Levels for Tier 3 or higher Rebel characters.
  • 25 AR Level ups for Rare or better character (this being a Faction Level Up Objective).

00:11 Do one level Tier 3 Rebel character for the 8k bonus (as shown in first screen), but the 8k objective appears to be different after leveling up the character, is now “40 level ups for Tier 3 or higher characters”.

00:29 I do a level up for the AR objectives and it appears that there 2 different objectives to complete, "25 level ups for rare or better" (shown at the beginning) and “3 Level ups for soldier characters” (not showing).

I have already erased all data, installed and reinstalled the game. Did so, in three different devices, the 3 of them show the same objectives, so I think is server sided.
Any advise? @CombatDevIl

Weird issues like this are happening since last Level up, and after contacting support, they didn’t have a clue. But at some point, one of the “stuck” objectives did refresh and showed what was intended, just to be stuck again after completion.

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I had a similar issue at a faction lvl up as well.
My objectives were different than my faction mates.
If I tried to complete them it would show the “objectives being completed prompt” but only for me.
I realized they must’ve been “stuck” but they continued like this for the whole event.