Concerns with Rise to Power

I have some concerns. There’s two ways to spend our power tokens, promo wheel or Stash. Stash has trashy items but Rick ad completion reward. However to get Rick you’ll need 3200 power tokens. We’ve gotten a 7 day long road map that gave us 200 and now a weekend long level up which will give us 35 badges. Not even half close to redeem for power tokens. My concern is this is a month long event and I’d just like to know for certain if it will be possible for the majority of average players to accumulate enough tokens for FREE to get Rick or will there be premium aspects required for him. The other thing bothering me with promo pull is its probably RNG and more sought after gear will be less likely to pop up. I’m scared of repetitive pulls for less desired items. That’s why I’m hanging on to the tokens until the last possible time to make sure I get the best out of the situation.



Will raids drop badges?

Unfortunately not. A farming event would be better. =/

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@kalishane posted in another thread that Rick will be obtainable through free to play

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Oh no please don’t ask for a “farming” event because then scopley makes a shitty roadmap that isn’t even farmable, and forced you to drop world cans…


Just hold all your tokens until the end to see where to spend them.


That is what i am doing.

Yeah I’m doing the same saving them till the end, either way bound to be disappointed with the gear acquired