Compulsive Behavior and RTS

I noticed in the Introductions thread that, joking or not, a noticeable number of people made mention of, or alluded to some sort of compulsive habit - alcohol, drugs, or gambling. Some even admitted it is a problem in their lives. So I’m curious how others feel about this subject in the context of this game we love. I made a poll!

This really came to the forefront in my mind when looking at all the new in-game offers. I thought to myself, there is NO WAY a reasonable person would spend 50 to 100 bucks for some of these offers, especially the ones where you only get a chance, or even a chance at a chance. The only explanation that makes sense to me is that part of the business decision in this game is that people will compulsively try their luck, not just for the value of the item, but also for the rush of chancing the odds.

I’m open to other opinions, which I’m sure there are plenty. :slight_smile:

  • I feel this game preys on people with problematic compulsive behavior.
  • I don’t feel this game does that.

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I truly think talking about things like this will help some players out there, so please don’t be insensitive or close-minded. I’ve heard people on my server talk about hiding their spending from their loved ones, waiting for their next paychecks, charging cards etc, so I’d like to provide an outlet to discuss.

Personally, I accumulated some CC debt playing this game, so I know it has impacted my life more than a game should.


It has worsened my depression for sure…


This game has ended relationships, jobs and cost me countless amounts of money. My grades are tip top though so all and all worth it lol


This is just a general problem in life; it isn’t limited to just RTS. So in the context of the game, “prey” wouldn’t be the word I’d use. All companies want to make products that they can sell and make money. Unless the specific the product they’re selling actually contains chemicals that can cause addiction, no. (And yes, there’s the science that endorphins are released with activities like playing a game, but so is just looking at a phone. I only care about synthetic chemicals, not natural chemicals.)


Ehhhhh I’m a little bit on both sides of the poll. Yes, this game was/is a bit targeted at people with a large interest or even an addiction to gambling. Especially since pull odds were basically hidden from the playerbase. But I still believe that those who pull constantly made their choice to do it, addicted or not. After all, this is just a game and at the end of the day, every dollar spent was just for short-term entertainment, and even if you reached the toons you wanted from pulling, those toons won’t do you good anymore sooner than you think.


I think when talking about any type of addiction, and I’m using that word advisedly, it is difficult to determine where personal accountability ends and the addiction picks up.

Prey was perhaps a bad word choice, but I couldn’t think of a concise way to ask does this game count on people with problems to buy egregiously over-priced offers and pulls, especially when most of them are based on pull chance?

Which leads to the issue I brought up - what reasonable person would find value and enjoyment in this latest batch of offers? How do you think Scopely came up with the prices and how they are valued? Am I way off base to feel that people with compulsive behavior were in their minds when coming up with how the pulls and offers work?

Thanks for engaging and providing your perspective!

I’ve seen people spend thousands on dollars even when odds are specifically stated to be 0.1% in a different game… Reason sometimes isn’t a factor in certain decisions.


This game doesn’t prey on people with problematic issues, but it helps me when I’m feeling down, or have nobody to talk to. I’m mostly a lone wolf, so this game makes me happy because I met cool people. I also like TWD too. Nowadays it’s starting to make me feel unmotivated and sad because there’s absolutely no new story missions, decision making, or anything interesting except the six stars I have so far.

Relationship wise, this game is addicting and caused me to abandon my gaming console friends for a year. Now I somewhat go back online and they’re sad as well, and might delete me lol. I still talk to family and friends, but this game is top priority since everyone else enjoys gluing their eyes to the phone 24/7 without real human interaction, and talking about things I don’t care about. I know y’all can relate to that.

School wise. School is going well, and since I’m part time, I get most time to play this game.

This game does make you lazy though, not wanting to accomplish any real life tasks out of fear you’ll be kicked out your faction. Factions are important to succeed in this game because top quality prizes. I’d rather sit in bed playing this then live life. It’s very sad and depressing because before playing this game, I was enthusiastic and enjoyed writing random stories. Yes I like to write, and have ideas in my head, but I’m procrastinating because most of my time is going to School and playing this game while trying to get on my gaming system too. Yes, I know my life sucks right now, but by the grace of God, he’s shaping me up to be a better leader and live life before it’s too late.

This game is hard to let go is the point I’m trying to say. It’s going to take a lot of therapy and counseling to get rid of this game. It’s like alcohol. Helps you ease your pain, but also bad for you because it could starts to feel like a job with so much stuff to accomplish from your faction mates. You get trapped in a Pandora’s box in which it becomes your reality to escape real life responsibilities. Basically this game is the blue pill from The Matrixs, by staying ignorant to the harsh realities of life. Idk maybe it does prey on the weak. :joy:


Sorry to hear that. I think games like this are especially nefarious because it is a newer frontier in mental health. For example, our society is comparatively well-versed in gambling or substance addiction, and we can be assured that there are support networks and understanding when one has a problem. Conversely, say you have a problem with games, and you’re likely to get trolled on the message boards.

I hope you can find some comfort or relief in knowing that there are others out there that are struggling in their own ways with not just this game, but other games as well.


Preys is relative. That’s like saying a casino preys on gambling addicts or jack daniels preys on alcoholics. The lack of self control from a few doesn’t make a business profitable.


It really should be covered by gambling legislation.


Good jobs on the grades! Why do you think this game becomes all-consuming for some people? I have ‘quit’ 3 times and here I am back for more. Next time I have the strength I think I’m going to delete my roster, then there is no road back…or maybe it will cause me to spend down the road to build back up. :frowning:

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Addictive personalities will always be attracted to things like this. RTS is just more appealing beciause it’s different. If it were boring I’d have moved on to Herion or some other equally hard drugs :woman_shrugging:t3:…best bet would be don’t delete and just let it get old. Scopley is doing their best now I feel.

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At the risk I getting banned, I would suggest you try to limit playing, or stop altogether. Once a vice prevents you from doing the things you want or like, in your case writing, I think it is time to refocus your priorities and find strength somewhere to quit. Like you said, it isn’t easy, but man, you should write stories if you love it! You’re right when you say you’re being shaped to be a better leader and live life. So get started!

I’m 40, and I’ve been through these cycles of being consumed by games, whether it be Super Mario Bro for original NES, Ultima Online, Counter Strike, or RTS etc, the same holds true for each - one day you’ll stop playing, and where will all that time and effort go? Did you at least have fun doing it? For me, this game has lost some of its fun factor…

You won’t get ban, I’ve said worse lololololol

lol, I guess I thought it might be construed as #spendingstrike, which I’m not advocating.

I can say that the game originally did not start out being a casino or money grab. The first few months before it got managed the staff was nice, helpful and the company before tapjoy paid out for doing the offers.

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Lol why would you get banned, when you’re the one who asked the question to everyone?:slight_smile:. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts about this.

This behavior can be linked with the calvinist theory of predestination. :clown_face:

Sorry I don’t follow.

I love mochi though! :slight_smile: