Completing the Typhoon Event & Claiming Zhu

How long did it take to finish all those roadmaps? AN HOUR & A HALF! How many refills did I need? How much energy is actually needed? Are they walker or human stages? Also, how did I manage to complete it? Is it possible to complete free to play? I have all those answers in my latest video, which you can thankfully fast-forward through. Thanks for watching!


Rather than watching your video I think I speak for many of us when I say is much rather you just outline the things you listed in another post.

On you get :]


was a interesting map

15 refills

That would make people not watch his video. Common tactic.

Trash stash
Trash toon
I’m at 33/50 and will probably stay there


You’d probably just be better off in the future moving past anything I post… Giving this forum post the traffic & comment you did is probably giving me more than you wanted to in the first place. Thanks a ton for stopping whatever you were doing today & coming by to try & tell me how to live. :slight_smile: On you get…


Thanks for the Video, I had decided that for me the Zhu Road map was going to be out of reach, there was always going to be milestones I was going to miss.

90 mins for Zhu - the look of pain on your face at the 9 min mark, its a shame that he doesn’t camo the whole team.

In the Museum they have introduced a collection where you can get extra beacons, (after you video was made), I do believe now that it is a F2P event, in theory I can now use my Yangs to get beacons instead of using them to open the stash.

So my quandary is now - do I continue with the stash, I have been in a fortunite bucket with the stash and cleaned it out of Ice Creams, which is what I was really after, or do I go after Zhu? Which is a possibility now, but then I think of the pain and suffering to get him…

Anyway thanks again for the video, if I decide not to play it out, at least I got to see what it looked like.

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