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I feel the trader needs to be limited to one per team. Since most run 2 or 3, I feel it’s unbeatable with team builds. I feel certain characters should be limited to 1. It would be more competitive and more interesting. Please consider this change thanks


Your concerns are very acceptable but that’s the way it is and they will no do such a thing, there was times in the game I felt stuck too,its temporarily once you figure out a strategy and a attack team, it will be even more satisfying destroying those bad asses.

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Trader is easy… wait for the 2/3 Liu’s lol


Not faced any s lius yet but normalise should make him pretty easy. It’s the normalise resist mods I’m dreading.

That bleed damage is what you need to worry about. Far from easy especially when facing mutiple

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Yeah that’s a good point. T1 too so with Jackie lead and 3 lius that’s a lot of bleed.

I came up against one on a def team in Onslaught, I dazed him with Priya - and after that he was pretty squishy, and was not an issue.

But he is new to the game, so people probably have not worked out the best mod/weapon combo’s yet, hot damn though if you had 2 of them … dang.

2 priyas 2 rampage. That is all

Won’t work vs a jacki lead with double liu, tanya, trader, i promise you… or jacki, double tanya, liu trader

Erin, Princess, Pete and Zander are your friends. Turn 2 activate Princess’ AS and then AS with Zander. That means he will only have a 25% chance to infect when hit. Erin will make his taunt worthless, Pete will prevent his AS infections from killing toons.
This is the majority of a team I use against the Trader teams that involve Shiva and Frost in a line, it probably won’t work against Wangfa unless you bring a daze Priya too to mitigate his AS.

It’s not the payback… it’s the bleed lol

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Trader can be easily counter with Princess, Priya, even aarav and Mercer, Erin, etc
Last crw wasn’t nice facing double Liu’s in Jacki’s defenses :persevere:

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I know now lol. It’s good in wave 3 we haven’t seen much Lui yet. I’ve got 1 6* but think he’ll be too squishy.

Liu’s bleed is also countered (cleansed) by Mercer, or am I missing something here???

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