Competitive Errors NEEDS to be addressed or lose players

Look, most of us have said this for 2-4 weeks now … There is something broken in this game and Scopely just aren’t pushing to correct these issues.

Arenas - Scores are still not working as intended
We understand the MAX points system (We’re Not Stupid) but the detailed score after victory shows normally a 20% missing score. This has Stopped MANY players competing in Arenas in total (Meaning youre losing out on players purchasing tickets … thats on you)
example : if you hit 5 times and scored an aggregate score of 100k, you would end up with something around 80k … meaning no chance of 1st place billing in domination … so most hit once and move on


Whilst i have heard that maximum defence team grade is a pointer to raid scores i have had extensive research on both my accounts …

i have 4 s-class toons on 1 account and can average 25-40 trophies each raid, on certain occasions even go up to 50 trophies

Yet on my other account that has 6 or so S-class toons I get almost every time between 18-22 trophies … and thats it…never anything over 22 trophies …


ill say it so you kind of get the point


I have spoken with people and they say team grade, but ive defunct that notion as i have fought a team full of maxed out S-class toons and won, 20 trophies … other account 1 rocket abe … 42 trophies.
I have seen others in my faction or in a line chat who have MUCH better roster, much better team grade and get normal scores … this does not validate team grade scoring system lies that come out.


many raid events ive let go by because my win totals goes about 50-100 more than the people above me, this does not warrant me pushing 20 cans more for them to use 1 extra and overtake me


this stops progression of the game and NOBODY in the game wants to address these problems

I have screenshots of my win ratio and other players (most in Beta) have started to get this issue also, low raid scores means more cans needed to spend

This game needs to address this or at least show a disparaging bias for progression. Why spend more on toons if it stopd you progressing further in game at a competitive level … even though others do not get penalised for having better rosters anyway …



Let’s talk about team grades dropping for no reason and toons swinging at air when attacking

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My team grade went up, so it’s kind of weird. So I am totally hamstrung in raid. I had many more raid wins than people ahead of me due to this raid structure. Didn’t even bother trying after a while.

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ive not checked my grade at all so couldnt tell if it went up or down but ive been S13+ or S13++ before on both accounts

Ive also seen double hits where only one damage animation AND one damage taken, ive literally sat there thinking the lag in the game and waited for the damage to be shown but never did

this is exactly the point, im hitting 2 cans , 12 hits for 240 trophies yet a player can get that in 1 refill if not more…stops competing dead for me


That’s me on bottom

The points are oorrect, the breakdown is wrong. see here: Incorrect Arena points [11/25]

It’s a bug, but just a display bug, like the wrong leagues score in the league point milestone display.

Difference in max team grade maybe? There’s also a random component to it, as far as I’m aware, you will not always get the same score if you beat the same opponent.

[ETA] I’ve checked my average raid points per win, which was almost 28.5 in the last one, and save for one that I skipped and only did a single raid, has continuously moved up since September (earliest is 25.3). My team grade has probably not changed in this time (the only thing that should have had an impact was vet maxing Magna, and I did that very early), but my opponents’ team grades have moved up on average because of Kapoor, Christa/James upgrades, and any other Sclass they may have received in that time. Top scorer in @Yggdrasil’s screenshot is 29.6. This would be consistent with my hypothesis.

i get 22 trophies the most every time … its just stupidly done.

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Skip the enemies with low (max) team grades, and go primarily for the ones with higher team grades than you.

I like the part where you say “YOUR GAME IS BROKEN” cause it’s true. This issue needs addressed.

I have a 95% auto win team, i always go for any team, even a full s-class team gave me 18 points yesterday … BUT as im honest i got one x 25 point raid at some point … still its like almost 40 more wins to second place and be on the same point system

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I compiled some stats and did a rudimentary quantitative analysis yesterday. See here: Raid turney is not fair

TLDR: Seems like for opponents with the same team grade, you can expect 25 points per victory. Every full point in team grade difference adds about 3 points to the raid score. There is still some variation, so even an even match can give less than 25. There may be some form of point streak going, so that a high-value win will boost the next battle or two a bit, but it’s far from conclusive.

If you’re just looking at points per can, having a high (max) team grade is a disadvantage here (if you’re looking at points per time invested, it might not be that bad). Anyway, always going for any team, as you said, is a bad strategy, and probably not how the people with very high average scores did it - the only way to get really high average scores is to reroll opponents until you find someone with a high (ideally higher) team grade, that’s where the points are, everything else just drags the average down.

i won the last raid event by 1000 points or more, the win ratio was well off. im talking from as a whole, out of all of my victories (hardly any losses) there was 1 x 25 point (at the very end) the rest were under 22, my other account was getting 46’s every so often.

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If I can, I’ll track my raids in the upcoming tournament to see how the pattern holds up.

22 would fit my current data if you attack only people with at least one full grade point below your historical max team grade. Try rerolling for more difficult opponents and see if it increases your average - it’s what the people with very high averages do as well, I assume.

The issue should largely sort itself out as team grades become more similar across the player base, the way they were during the 6* meta.

I raided to 17k points this recent one. It was really strange. I started out getting 30-39 points on average for 3 hours. Then next 2hours it was 27-29 points per raid. It feels broken and like a lot of RNG

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39 is only possible with opponents at least two full team grades above yours, I think.

Let me post my data again

As you can see, there is some randomness in the points, but it is on the order of 1-2 points in either direction. If we leave out the small cluster of raids at 0 and below difference but with a high score, predicting points from team grade difference explains well over 90 percent of the variance (and we end up with 25 points even, +/- 4 per difference in team grades).

If this is the case, then the only bit of RNG that truly matters is the opponent selection, which can be mitigated with some food for rerolling,

Would be great to have more data from other pockets of the team grade scale though, but I can understand that no one else is willing to go through the hassle for such a broken game lol.

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System is broken

Top 100 players list is still broken and it has been for months

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Depending on the region you are in and faction it’s hard to get good points in raids, if you are in #1 faction in a dead region probably the best points are in your faction, maybe go faction less for solo raid since will be hard to find other with same team grade or higher than you in other factions.

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