Compesation for everybody Lori event


Many player getting 8bene and 300 medals for ascencion. Make it for everybody. The museum collection continues for this players.
Injustice from players whith using The collection last.


Lorigate is becoming my favorite gate. Beating dedigate and pullgate


We want compensation


Wendy-gate rules them all :joy:


Not everybody should get it because they aren’t the ones who wasted the resources. I mean, sure, if they waited another few hours or so, they would have not needed to be compensated, but since Scopely didn’t give us a warning, this is the result. Deal with it.


The museum collection is still up so ya 2 free loris for anyone that jumped the gun


@kalishane will the players who ascended Lori with medals and bennies who are now getting those compensated back have their museum collection turned off? This question needs to be answered directly from the company.


It’s confirmed bro the collection didn’t go away so they will get 2


I know. I would love to hear scopelys answer to this. But I’m sure they will ignore it.


Yeah I’m sure we won’t get an answer to this all I can say is some huge spenders must of complained for this to happpen


Well huge spenders can complain the other way as well :joy::joy:


I agree. If they are getting their toons/medals back they should have their museum collection marked as complete.

@kalishane could we get an answer please.


You guys expect Scopely to reimburse you all for your decision to ascend Lori off the bat?

That’s a joke on two levels.


It’s not a joke they did it


They just did reimburse all the players who ascended her right away without the museum… not only that… but they kept the six star, they got their materials back and the museum is still open to ascend another one for free.


They fix a mistake with a bigger mistake. Anyone who ascended and got their materials back should have the museum locked out.

That was the whole point of the crying, how they would have used the museum and not their gear.


Now they have more pissed off people then they previously had lol


Par for the course. I expect nothing less from this clown college.


Messaged support about it. Maybe they will fix their fix.


@Andrea_Scopely There’s already a thread for this where complainers are getting owned, please close and merge