Compensation poll


Scopely are offering everyone 100 survival tokens (not victory tokens) as a sorry message to everyone.
Do you believe that this is an appropriate compensation/response for the Andrea gate.

  • No
  • Yes

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Here was my 300 survival token pull from earlier :sunglasses:


Should have been a victory pull

STILL so far, not so good…


I wasnt affected by andreagate so Ill gladly take a lil n some trainers for doing nothing :raised_hands:


Not even close to what should have been. It’s funny that they compensate players with those tokens. Kinda seems like they knew this would happen and put that wheel up just for this occasion…


Did you even read the message? It’s for the Harvest Event…


Keywords “And the 18.0.2 release” so they are talking about the update in general, which clearly involved the Andrea gate. I’m sorry that you have difficulties reading, maybe you should look more closely next time before commenting. :relieved:


You know, I think I’d prefer just having a middle finger icon pop and nothing deposited into my roster. It’d at least be more direct.


Can I have a Benedict instead of the four star I’m going to get?


at least you got something :slight_smile: not like us but though i got some money back from a refund so im happy


I didn’t get the four star yet but any token pulls from that wheel or any like it haven’t ever actually helped me progress in any notable way. I’m hanging it up if my victory token pull is garbage

And the pull


I feel so compensated :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
Thanks Scopely this made me forget about the andreagate and the turkey roadmap being nerfed.


I know lots of people on apple who got refunds, don’t know the exact details how though, but showing them scopelys “sorry” messages helps


The compensation doesn’t cost Scopely a single penny yet they don’t have the decency to even give out more than what they would sell for $0.50. Absolutely insulting response. Doing nothing would have been a better choice.


I agree, getting a random 4* feels like a kick in the nuts, I would of preferred getting nothing instead. Scopely is pathetic


Doing it in each region for funzies :slight_smile:


Is this really the resolution? Reset, guess what we used, call it a “hiccup”, and toss a few crumbs at us?

Door’s closed on this?


Yeah it’s done


If we get anything else it will be jb saying contact support and the issue is closed bet


Any reasons to keep playing at this point?

Competition is ruined by cheaters

New features are ruined by incompetence

And basically all aspects of the game are dominated by greed

What do we have to look forward to?