Compensation NEEDED

I heard from one person that netted over 35,000 coins from this fiasco…with which, they made many pulls and received several very good, ascendable toons including Tobin.

35,000+ coins is insane…I can grind and do offers for a YEAR maybe two before getting 35,000 coins.

Punishing the people that took advantage of your shoddy coding and lack of testing is not an answer…but for the 95% of us that did NOT get a years worth of coins for free, we NEED compensation…and MAJOR compensation at that.


Lmao “NEED COMPENSATION” makes me laugh. The game was already so imbalanced between p2p and f2p so why would this make any difference? You missed the boat, sorry about your luck. It’s like a riot if you think about it. “Man I should’ve stolen a TV but I didnt because of my conscience…now gimme a free tv”


Spoken like someone that didn’t miss the boat


Haha I nooked account 2 weeks ago. Just an unbiased viewpoint

They need to address the issue first, I wouldn’t count on compensation if so likely a few grenade and smelling salts. :smile:

You had 17hrs to catch the boat. 11hrs of which there was an SR going on. If you used free e you would have caught the boat

This makes me laugh. “Compensation NEEDED”.

Not “action NEEDED” or “punishment NEEDED” but “gimme free sh*t I don’t deserve”


I was just chatting with a friend, he told me that in this war there’s gonna be a huge disadvantage if they don’t rollyback all the coins. Bro, always we, the f2p are in disadvantage with p2p, let scopely forgive all this and hope they don’t rollyback my 2 tobins and marlon gotted from the promo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Punishment needed would get him 564 replies of hate. He’s playing to the crowd lol

I’m just throwing in my two cents on the matter. I’m free of the hooks so I dont have to say anything to appease the scopes gods any longer. No compensation will come of this and I doubt they’ll rollback either. Hurry up and go buy them Nikes and rims while you still can y’all. ROI dont exist when you gain stuff without an “actual” investment. Moreso right place, right time

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I missed out but I don’t care. Maybe because I don’t like the game anymore. But anyway I’d just like for Scopes to show some consistency for a change. They rolled back Andrea and then didn’t give fair reimbursement to the ones that lucked out with her, but then they didn’t roll back the lucky token debacle nor did they open up the offer again so people who missed it could have a chance at it. They are all over the place when it comes to these things which makes people feel treated unfairly and is one of the reasons they lose players


They didnt compensate the player base after offergate that “guaranteed” toons that were very good at that time. They wont compensate this time either.

Clap clap clap clap

Please don’t hold your breath while waiting for them to compensate people who didn’t join Skullgate. You will turn purple and croak. People need to pull their britches up and move on. There will never be compensation from Scopely for anything. (Spoken by someone who did not take part in getting free coins). Inhale…exhale. In through nose, out through mouth…


Not sure why this is any different than when they mistakenly offered a toon a while back for $5…and took it down shortly afterward…but then said, hey…our bad…here is that toon available to everyone for $5 because it should not only benefit people that were online from 3am to 4am eastern time.

Go away with this BS

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The caps lock will surely get their attention

Lol. Needed is such the wrong word. I mean it would be nice if they give us some free stuff, but to be fair anyone could have done it. So just because a lot of players dont used Scopelys miss, they dont have to give us something. And to be honest, when Scope get us some gifts they wont be that usefull.

This debacle would be much more amusing if there were actually a good promo or two running. But Tobin is on the war wheel and gen 1. Lol.


It amuses me when people think anything that doesn’t agree with their opinion is crying. But if scopely takes away coins they received through a glitch and they complain, that won’t be crying that will just be outrage or justifiable anger.

It also perplexes me when people who got coins they didn’t deserve or earn think that’s totally cool…but it’s only OK if nobody ELSE gets coins they didn’t earn or deserve.

I think mostly, people just enjoy being a-holes