Compensation more than ever needs to be sent


With the last few days and beginnings of #PlayersUnited, you need to send a message to us, the players and compensate for the events of this weekends CRW. Considering last ToC where war did not start on time and without an apology or official announcement, now more than ever you need to send us some good faith if you do, indeed restart war. Most players will lose coin and war cans due to this. I implore you, please, send a massive compensation to your player base for this.



Two sets, one for those locked out and one for those still able to war


I just want my war can back :yum:

Agreed. You need to do right by your playerbase scopes.



If this resets, I want my cans back, I want my coins back and I want massive compensation for the time i wasted on this POS War


I haven’t been able to war yet because I’m at work, but I’m gonna be honest as soon as the issue was reported everything should have paused. That way the ones who couldn’t war wouldn’t have been as heavily impacted. And the ones who could wouldn’t have wasted cans and coins. Now it’s just a mess and compensations your best bet.


You need to go above and beyond to fix things. we are your customers. Lots pay to play. To have it not work you get to take it back to the store and the company usually goes out of their way to fix the issue and above usually. Why should you guys be any different.

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I’ve spent lots of cans, some coins, and several hours playing. If you restart we’d better be compensated BIGGLY.

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