Compensation? Haha

gee thanks

It’s like giving a kid a dollar haha, scopley: there don’t worry about anything.


I was hopping we would get atleast 70 victory tokens or even 3 survival token pulls as the majority is only going to get 4*.

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Yeah 100 survival tokens is like 35 cents. 300 for 1$

LAst time the messed up they did give us 300 so I don’t understand why they are being so greedy about it.

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People that exploited the bug get everything they spent back apparently.

It’s funny people want more than that back.


Well most didn’t get exactly what we put in it I know I didnt. They did others a lot worse

The point I’m making is people are being greedy over their choice to exploit an obvious bug.

No one really thought it’d be that simple to get a premium legendary maxed, did they?

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Okay so that’s so fair scopey, people got 1k trainers from that road map, no account roll back you don’t take them off, but Andrea is a big no no you have messed with everyone within a week and think that is going to sort out the turkey road map? Lolol


I used more 3* than I got back… Around 100+. Not to mention 87 benedicts and 15-20 4* basils and now every player gets a “compensation” shiet one at that…
PS: I got 60 boxes of brady’s and 11mil food…