Compensation for war issue

I understand stuff happens Scopely, but war is your premier event. All your servers have been down for over an hour during peak warring hours, hurting many for milestones. As such, all milestones should be given to all players and every faction should receive the top war prize. You’ve earned a bit of goodwill back with the recent changes, this will satisfy people and keep you on the right track that you have started in 2018.


More like one elegant incense


One can? Im sure it will be 2 yellow helmets and a smelling salt


Lol cause it’s been down an hour atm, they should compensate everyone the top prize and all milestone, keep dreaming


Grenade and smelting salts for everyone!

Compensation? You need to relax. Stop complaining…some of you are so good at that!


“every faction should receive the top war prize” what? No one can war, so why?


What can? I need them hiking boots. And some shirts.

Will never happen. A war last year was down 4-6 hours and we got nothing

It’s almost like some of y’all don’t understand the concept of ask high and settle for a little less…

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Top prize a bit excessive. After all, first place people would still have to had work for their rank, so it’d lead to more harm than good because top players would be mad. The most they’d do (imo) is maybe give one free broken heart pull.

Unless you’re only a Sunday warrior(ew), or in an inactive region, you should already have top milestone, if not then close to it.


I get asking someone for $20 and getting $10 but in Scopely terms you are asking for a million.

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5, gimmee 5 war refills… id be totally fine with 5… not 1

Most I’d expect as compensation is a pat on the back, and a good luck because war’s broken for another 3 month’s like last time

Your request sounds like you want too much, think scopely should give everyone 5 war cans

I love how we are all so concerned about those poor top factions that always win everything lol. “It wouldn’t be fair to them if everyone, just once, got the top prize because of a scopely screw up”. Lol. That “it should only be mine” mentality is what is killing regions

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Milestones would be fair to me, according to timing right now. It‘s busy time for war now and this might screw people out if their chance to get it.


If scopely give out a couple can they did well in compensating, only the ppl who have no shot at winning war makes these outrageous request from scopely

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Except, my faction is winning war… plot twist!

There is still over a day and a half left guys.