Compensation for Premium Packs Offer Mishap

I am one of many, that was never offered the “Special Bonus Offer” for buying all 3 Premium Packs. I never got a chance at getting the 4 star weapon, nor did i get an offer that compared to the 30 3 year tokens that were included in the offer, and the tokens i had left over have been converted to supply depot points. So what should compensation be for this… let’s call it a “mistake.” I’m hoping my grievance isn’t ignored or given an auto reply like my in game messages and emails have been. JB jumped on forums and said offers would be made to anyone that didn’t receive them “organically” through the game, so please stick to your word JB, make this right

Never got the offer nor would I buy it anyway. But that’s just me. Riding on a thin line here for this company.

How are you gonna get us the rewards lol

Just venmo. No need to worry. Morpheus and I are good pals :wink:

Yea I bought all 3 bags and got shafted then support Didn’t help at all

3000 sd pts lol

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