Compensation for Jonesgate

I still dont get the out rage over this mistake. Far greater ills by scopely than this one.

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I’m going to come on here to moan about people moaning :joy: people in glass houses and all that lol!

“Close this thread, it’s irrelevant, we don’t want to see it anymore!” - bumps thread back up to the top with their comment :joy:

If you ever lose being entertained by the game, the player base are sure to keep that entertainment going on the forums lol!

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That’s because you don’t understand this issue. The outrage isn’t over the “mistake.” The outrage is over the despicable and disrespectful communication.


You don’t understand this is trivial move on with your life. There will be another mistake with no communication this week to get outraged about.

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Why do you post on this trivial matter every day?


So your solution is do nothing because nothing will happen? I mean I get it, but there’s 2 types of folks, those that do, and those that don’t. Your choice not to do anything but I’d never stop anyone from speaking up for what they feel is right. If the world gave up on everything just because they didn’t have hope we would live in a very ugly world. :slight_smile: I bump this thread and believe how Scopely handled this was wrong, longer this thread sticks around the more people remember it and know where they stand with this company and evaluate exactly what they’re willing to give to it, money, time or otherwise.


If only they cared.

Wow save you doing for something that matters lol. I dont think protesting mr jones is worth the effort. At least use the bucket article as reference not this weak event. Last post from me not bumping again.

People still thinking they getting compensated for jones?

Its a game in the end, it’s up to one’s self to decide what matters or not. It ain’t about Jones, it’s about how they handled it… they allowed the event to be broken for hours through the gear map and everyone on at that time to take advantage, then they fixed the event and put much of it behind a paywall. They should have just called that it and let it be and made an apology but many folks in different parts of the world missed out when they fixed it hours later… it’s not right. So if people want to still speak up about it, then go for it. I’m not sorry if this post offends someone, I get disappointed in this community… We spends more time divided than anything else. :weary:

Edit: and look at the poor and disrespectful response that we got from them as well.

Noone believes they will do anything, but still looking for an answer


I think it’s great this thread is still alive!

I’ll bet we can get you to post again lol

they answered it?..Damn …now im triggered by the people that even think they should get an answer.

Post your Jones

didnt you quit?

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Jonesing for a Jones