Compensation for Jonesgate

Can’t we got a whole group of special people that want a shitty response so they can bitch at that too


If they keep at it for another 2 months it might get addressed. #rememberthePlushies

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I’m special. Don’t even care got Jones and a shit load of basils. Also 2 Red Romanovs no extra plushies.

Give thy compensation

Simon says give compensation

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My god this comment thread!! Jesus are we going for a world record? Wonder if scopes will notice lol

Does anyone even use Jones?

I see there is a Total War Warhammer thread that has 92,000 (ish) comments, so if we want to beat that then, we need to ask for Jonesgate compensation another 91,152 times.

Come on Team RTS forum - are we up for it???


Why TF is this still being discussed?! Seriously

Yes please someone close and lock this dumbass whining thread it’s over with move on with your life. And miss me with your lame ass argument “We need to hold them accountable”


I don’t think they realize that bumping a thread endlessly does absolutely nothing to “hold them accountable” Scopely ignores this thread 850 comments in just the same as they ignored it when it was first created

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I must say i like how triggered some of you are over this thread, get over yourselves already. You talk about whining, take a look in mirror.


Ironically the thread would have been dead by now if not for the people who bump it to complain about it.


Dude, it’s not about Scopely and never was.

If just one person is reminded about how utterly and thoroughly they screwed the player base over, not even deigning to say “oops, sorry”, and decides to keep their wallet closed as a consequence, mission achieved. Without this, I would have probably resubscribed to the monthly coin pass, and spent on the cyber Monday and Stevens RNG boxes at least, probably also the Princess starter pack. With this, I #staystrong.

@EbenezerMac No it wouldn’t.

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And I agree you’re right that is a mission accomplished you have the correct mindset about it but fact of it is not everyone shares that same view

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This thread is the evidence this company dont care one bit of there actions and never intend to even try.


I know its extremely funny how triggered people are about this thread. As the English playwright once put it… “the thread must go on!” It was something like that anyway. :joy:


Jejjjj compensation … Right now … :joy: :joy:

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Close this thread! I hate seeing it! Ahhhh! But im gonna comment and bump it and keep it alive!

Wait, what? :thinking:


I still dont get the out rage over this mistake. Far greater ills by scopely than this one.