Compensation for Jonesgate

Well since Scopely already ruined Jones event, and left everyone who wasn’t on in disadvantage, then fix it and give everyone what’s needed to complete the missing part


I miss out. Too :frowning: they owe me

as I tell my kids…life isn’t always fair. You win some and you lose some. :grimacing:


It was their form of compensation for ruining arenas. I can’t find the screenshot where they said it. But its true

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Don’t worry. Only a small number of players were affected. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep. Only 250 milkmen out there.


Here we go again


I’m pretty mad that I spent coins and tickets for shit for Jones and bam people who didn’t careless for the toon got him. It would have been really nice not seeing him on every team as in a rare toon. I still need 3 arrows whenever people who didn’t even try got the jones now. Don’t know what scopely did to screw everything up because everything was fine until you switched the arena around partway through and now everyone is getting screwed over.


This thread took longer than I expected.


Scopely has the accuracy of a fast food drive thru window


Another shet bye scopely how many for a month coinsgate, the arenas bug and now a free Jones You know scopely if You wanna closet the game, justo do it

Sorry team what is Jonesgate? What have they messed up this time? ( It has been sleep time in my Time Zone, I woke up to “Jonesgate” and have no idea what is going on?)

They owe you nothing when you didn’t spend hard cash for this nonsense.

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Where is my popcorn, a lot of salty people will come soon

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They need to compensate us, no cheats, no exploits, then get screwed us up

Only 250 players affected HAHAHAHAHA


Kkkkk only 250

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Less than 250 players

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What did I miss this time? Good God.

The ultra rare gear map had a bag of quills and arrows in the last 2 stages which was farmable. People easily completed the Words mission before Scopely took the map down.

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